At 67,Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE; A Fine Public Servant

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By Abubakar Yusuf.

Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE is the Executive Chairman,National Assembly Service Commission NASC,the fifth in a row and was appointed in 2020.

Before then, as an astute public servant he served as the chief of staff(COS) to the Senate President, Distinguish Senator(Dr) Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan in the 8th Senate, while he was the Senate leader of the Senate of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Amci brought to bear his wealth of experience garnered over the years both in the private and public sector to the developement of the 8th Senate.

As a man who has dedicated all his life to the public service and a patriotic public servant,his appointment in February 2020 to lead the fifth National Assembly Service Commission NASC,was a call to service and to contribute his quota more to the developement of Nigeria.

The positive developement no doubt brought a lot of re-engineering to the NASC just one year in office,a feat that was daunting to his predecessors after five year term in two decades.

As an Engineer of high repute, who believed in the doctorine of construction and reconstruction,the process of repositioning the commission was a normal phenomenon,the feat he had achieved greatly since assumption of duty.

With enormous wealth of experience and exposure from the public service of the old Borno and Yobe State, Engineer Ahmed Kadi seamless approach towards inititiating laudable innovations in the Commission is a good riddance.

His strategic approach to staff motivation, provision of enabling environment,working tools had been a major breakthrough both at the commission and the National Assembly.

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This is a man that believed strongly that given an enabling environment and working tools,workers at all levels have no choice than to provide optimum perfomance.

He ensured all these, through staff development, entitlements, training and retraining, promotion, appointment and elevation became a recurring decimal at the commission.

In the last one year,the major decisions taken by the fifth Commission was never witnessed in the last two decades of it’s inception.

The wholistic approach in line with the civil service rules had helped in no small measure to drive the process of development of all areas of the Commission.

This boardered on proper placement of staffers at all levels in both the Commission and the by extension the National Assembly,insisting that public service is not nurtured on naked favouritism,self centredness,tribal,creed or religious inclination,but on a transparent,merit based and productive tendencies.

This brought about a major shake up that saw the disengagements,elevation and appointment of both high cadre, intermediate and low cadre officers that stabilised the activities of the new commision.

With his doctorine of reward system, Engineer Ahmed Kadi had ensured constant promotion for officers due for elevation in line with the civil service rules and examination/assessment.

No wonder,after two decades,the chairman had secured the nod of the National Assembly to commence the construction of the permanent office complex with an initial sum of 3 Billion Naira appropriated in the 2021 budget,due for ground breaking ceremony in June this year at the permanent site.

The foresight was evidenced from the unconducive environment and the cost of running a rented apartment in the last two decades as unrealistic going forward,as well as address logistics and other unforseen circumstances.

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With this positive developement,it elated the National Assembly committees during an oversight function with a promise to support the commission towards early completion of the edifice with allocation of more funds.

This was also corroborated by the his professional body,National Society of Engineers Abuja chapter, paid a solidarity visit and passed a vote of confidence on his new wave at the commission.

Kadi’s relentless effforts at creating an enabling environment for both staffers and lawmakers did not stop only at the commission,but by extension the welfare of aides of the National Assembly members in the area of training, appointments, remunerations and also review of conditions of service.

His efforts to create more conducive environment led to his proposal to RMAFC for increase in the number of aides of the commission to each Lawmaker from 5 to 10 or at least 8.this proposal will assist in no small way in running the affairs of Federal Lawmakers.

This is in addition to the physical assessment of working environment and tools that will guarantee maximum productivity of staffers of both the commission and the National Assembly, with a view to providing the needed equipment for a serene working environment.

His efforts towards creating a pay platform to encourage fiscal discipline, accountability in the commission and National Assembly is in the offing,as efforts to get a standard nominal role to enable it migrate to a pay platform like the IPPIS is being worked out.

Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi led commission believe in the independent of the three arms of government is not negotiable, hence his clamour for the constitution of the States Assembly Service Commission by the 36 sates government is undaunted,as it is applicable and practicable at the Federal level,this had left only four States to join the new struggle for establishment of States Assembly Service Commission (SASC).

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In the addition to the establishment of State Assembly Service Commission,he insisted on not only administrative autonomy,but financial autonomy,a decision that is gradually getting the needed attention from the state governments.

His eventful decision has stabilised both the commission and by extension the National Assembly in the last few months of his assumption of duty as the Executive Chairman,geared towards productive and positive developement.

Born on the 9th of May 1954, Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE is a native of Jakusko Local Government Area of Yobe State.

His civil service career began in 1983 in the old Borno State and later Yobe State through 2015, when he delved into a private consultancy services in the same year after he retired from service.

As a professional engineer and member of the highly rated world body,his retirement from service was an opportunity to delve into private activities geared towards building a robust profession and practice.

As you mark another year in the services of your fatherland,we prayed for more wisdom and ability towards building a formidable work force both in the Commission and the National Assembly,as well as an egalitarian society.

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Birthday To Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE, Executive Chairman National Assembly Service Commission NASC.

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