Attah Igala Stool; Aju Ameh Achor Ratifies Selection Of Samuel Opaluwa As New Igala Monarch.

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The Ajuameachor ruling house has reconevend and ratified the selection of the eldest son,Samuel Opaluwa as against the decision of the review panel headed by the Ojogba of Ife and earlier decision of Etemahi and the kingmakers that generated controversies among the ruling house.

This position was reached In an elaborate and enlarged meeting of the ruling house fall out of the enranged decision of the HRH Boniface Usman Musa review panel that recommended Sunday Alaji Opaluwa,the younger brother of Samuel Opaluwa who is the eldest.

The head of the family confirmed that the selection and acceptance of Samuel Opaluwa was in line with section 5.O of the gazetted procedure of 2015 that guided the selection of a new Attah’ Igala.
According to rue section 5.0 of the gazzetted 2015,it says ..

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‘The method of nomination by such a ruling house, shall be an exercise under the headship of the eldest person in the ruling house, who, shall, in consultation with principal members of the Ruling House, screen, interview and nominate the rightful person to the throne.’

According to the Ajuameachor ruling house,the selection of Samuel Opaluwa was based on the criteria of seniority as recommended by the 2015 gazzet and urged other members of the family to withdraw based on the new selection.

He says the decision was not on the basis of trying to undercut any Prince of the Royal family,but acted in tandem with the requirements of the gazzette of the 2015 that was clearly spelt out.

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Responding to the decision of the ruling house,Prince Sunday Alaji Opaluwa earlier selected by the Ojogba of ife review panel opined his readiness to abide by the decision of the enlarged Ajuameachor ruling house on the ground that Prince Ocholi Opaluwa complied with the decision that will be binding on all other members of the ruling house.

Prince Ocholi Opaluwa is a custom officer and one or the sons that showed interest in the kingship.

This new development is expected to bring to an end the crises of selection sorrounding the emergence of the new paramount ruler of igala kingdom,Attah Igala stool.

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With this decision,it is crystal clear that the crises sorrounding the selection of the new Attah’Igala from Ajuameachor ruling house is concluded as elder Samuel Opaluwa,the eldest son has emerged.

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