2023; You Can’t Be Nigerian President, You Are A Tribal Czar, Group Replies Chris Ngige.

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A civil society organization has warned Nigerian Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige not to test the water of Nigeria politics at the national level, saying his nepotism, tribalism and sectionalism in all ramifications is too naked for ordinary Nigerians to avail him of any plum elective job, if not President Muhammadu Buhari.

A statement made by ‘Leadership and Democracy’ signed by his media aide, Dan Jegu confronted the Minister that Nigerians have been watching his back six years after he became Minister of the federal republic of Nigeria, saying he is not fit to be entrusted with public thrust.

‘Just few years on the job as a cabinet Minister , he had hijacked the only lucrative agency in the Ministry and turned it to Igbo haven.’

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‘In the last six years, the Minister of Labour and Employment had frustrated the leadership of the agency under Somefun and his management, using all tactics to frustrate both the former management and board that was supposed to be under Chief Frank Kokori, a veteran labour leader using all political gimmicks.’

‘He had initiated all manners of recruitment and employment in NSITF only to favour the Ibos from the eastern states,with utter disregard to lay down procedures, and civil service rules,yet want to become Nigerian President, let see ‘.

‘Ngige had destroyed carrier growth in NSITF by employing all manners of cadre from AGM to GM rank, level 15, 16 and 17 precluding the career growth of many staffers, only for his kinsmen from Ibo land ,yet want to be President of Nigeria.’

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Jegu challenged the minister to display any part of the civil service rules that allowed over 50 years of age to be employed into permanent and pensionable jobs in Nigeria, which he has done, yet alot of scandal was committed by him at the agency over sheer self centeredness.

‘We confronted him to dispaly many of his employment list in NSITF in the last six years, states, local government areas and others, if many of them are not from the east and of Ibo extraction.’

‘He kept employing up till now without due regards to civil service rules, no office accomodation with high offer only to the ibos,yet he want to aspire to become Nigerian President.’

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‘The Minister had planted stooges both at the board and management level to enable him play all manner of pranks with NSITF to favour both his cronies and kinsmen , only to impress government through misinformation, saying his bus stop in public office in Nigeria will be 2023.’

‘NSITF has become his cash cow with all manners of recycled contracts and appointments both to his girl friends, cronies and acquaintances, saying his game is up in Nigeria public service.’

The group declared Nigige as unfit to become Nigerian President, saying his aspirations is dead on arrival among many others.

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