2023; Mohammed Lawal Idris Ranking Advantage, As A Booster To Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, North Central States/Nigeria, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris is representing the good people of Ajaokuta federal Constituency in Kogi state spanned for six years in a row.
He was elected through a landslide victory in 2015 after he secured majority vote of the people of Ajaokuta local government, that consisted of the federal constituency spread to the better part of Lokoja, the Kogi state capital.
It is on record that Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris demonstrated his popularity in his early days of seeking for elective position, having pitched tent with the ruling PDP in the state, but later defected to APC in 2019 and won twice in a row.
This showed how Hon Lawal Idris carried  his constituents along in all ramifications, that paved way for his reelection on another platform to the same office.
No doubt ,he had proved a mettle that politics and political participation depended on your popularity, programs and commitement to the wellbeing of the electorates, but not belonging to a ruling or main opposition party.
What Rt Honourable Lawal Idris was able to bring on board as a federal lawmaker representing Ajaokuta local government and federal Constituency, was the extermination of politics of succession and family politics that was prevalent in the area over the decades.
He rather brought on board, dynamics of politics and delivery of mandate to the electorates in line with the electioneering campaigns and eradicate in totality, politics of God- fatherism.
The federal lawmaker proved his mettle twice with his constituency extended to the state capital with heterogeneous settlers of indigenes and non indigenes, who rallied round for his victory twice in the National Assembly elections.
Without disappointment, the people of Ajaokuta federal Constituency, both indigenous and the settlers were at home with his representation at the National Assembly.
This showed his adequate representation both in lawmaking, plenary, oversight functions, constituency projects through provision of social services, empowerment, capacity building, charitable contributions and donations to his constituents and by extension Nigerians.
Rt Honourable Idris has played a leading roles in the politics of the National Assembly, as his committee carried out people oriented decisions and development of both his constituency and Nigeria at large.
As the custodian of the larger city of steel industry in Nigeria, Hon Idris at different fora had advocated for the need to revatalise the age long moribund steel industry, that will be a haven of employment of his immediate constituents, and to a large extent average Nigerians.
This is an addition to placing his constituents and well meaning Nigerians into the civil service, organised private sectors and pensionable jobs across the country.
Mohammed Lawal Idris had done alot both to his immediate constituents, other constituents and the entire Nation that warranted his return to the National Assembly on a platter of gold in the forthcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria.
This will give an ample opportunities to serving his constituents on a long run and Nigerians at the national level with his ranking status, as a federal lawmaker belonging to the ruling party APC.
This is possible with the experiences of some principal officers, both current and former, who had spent many terms at the national assembly to the benefits of their constituency and becoming principal and presiding officers of the National Assembly.
It is high time, we ressolve to return Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris from his achievements and prospects to continue to represent the good people of Ajaokuta federal Constituency and by extension Nigeria in 2023 general elections.
Abubakar Yusuf, Writes From Abuja.

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