Attah Igala Stool : Ojogba Committee And The Fate Of Igala Race

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Historically,The Ojogba Of Ife throne and paramount rulership of Abejukolo,could not ascend the throne of Attah Igala due to furtuitous circumstances, that heralded the ascension to the throne of Attah of Igala kingdom, long time immemorial.


But the scenario needed to be documented and practised to enliven,enrich our cultural heritage ,as well as serve as a veritable tool for referencing, as the stool fell on the people from Abejukolo-Ife in the Igala kingdom,with alot of prestige and respect.


Therefore,the Ojogba in iglala parlance,which means ‘NEARLY’ could not be realistic at that point,but became a very strong traditional stool that redresses the potentials of Igala kingdom at any point in time.


In Igala diction,’Ojogba kima ja Attah’, simply means for circumstances beyond the control of some traditional provisions, occupants of Ojogba stool are significantly crucial in Igala tradition and by provision,naturally heir to Attah of Igala kingdom stool.


This had justified the current scenario of the appointment of the current Ojogba of Ife, HRH Chief Boniface Usman Musa to chair the process of selection/review of the new Attah’ of Igala,,after the efforts of the Igala Area Traditional Council ITC to do same in ressolving the long awaited enthronement of a new Attah’ of Igala.


The selection processes was already concluded in the last few months inline with the officially gazzetted Kogi state government white paper, in respect of the process of ascension to the paramount and highly revered throne.

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This was transparently observed by the kingmakers headed by the Etemahi and other crucial processes that had already recommended the Amechor ruling clan of Opaluwa Oguche as next in line for the new Attah Igala.


The ATC had gone ahead to screen and selected one of the sons of Opaluwa Oguche as the next king supported by other members of the Royal clan, even with a distraction from a Prince of the clan with inordinate ambition ,scuttled the lay down procedures that had occassioned the current delay.


The Ajuameachor selected tbe eldest prince among the princes in line with tradition and tbe law,but reports indicate tbat there were attempts to twist tbe process along corrupt lines, leading to tbe Ojogba Committe.


The Ojogba is a man reputed with untainted intergrity.He must uphold his reputation and do justice.His Commitee is called to honour,they must uphold tbe law and tradition


The major actors in Amechor clan had taken a landmark decision awaiting ratification of the ITC before the appointment. Of Ojogba of Ife,as the Chairman of the selection/review committee.


With the appointment as the Chairman selection/review committee of HRH. Chief Boniface Usman Musa ,the coarse is now more clearer of the processes to be completed soon before coronation.


With high public service records and independent private activities geared towards the betterment of Igala kingdom in the last six decades,the outcome of the processes of selection of the new Attah’ of Igala,will be more acceptable to the entire Igala kingdom.

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HRH Chief Boniface Usman Musa’s 35 years in public service was laced with untainted records as his dedication to duty was highly guarded and nutured till the end of his civil service career.


This positive records in the public domain led to his invitation over two decades ago as heir to the traditional stool of Abejukolo-Ife and was coronated as the Ojogba of Ife.


In the last 25 years of his traditional custody of Ife kingdom,the relative peace, developement and progress witnessed by the community and it’s citizens was unprecedented and highly commendable.


Aside his public service stint in the Nigeria Railway Corporation NRC,he had dedicated his life to the services of his community and humanity.


His incontrovertible leadership qualities adored all round his communities and commended by all his subjects and indigenes of the area.


His outstanding records and quality of leadership is unrivalled in the anals of Igala kingdom and history,as his desire to oversee his immediate traditional jurisdiction and Igala kingdom transcends personal interest.


This was demonstrated after the announcement of his appointment as the Chairman selection/review committee of the new Attah’ of Igala.


It is a thing of joy to still see and hear that custodians of out traditional heritage still commands so much confidence and respects from their subjects, particularly at this crucial time of the Igala nation.

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This is also simplified after the selection processes of one of the sons of Opaluwa Oguche had already being concluded by the igala traditional council ITC, awaiting his ratification.


With his transparent and unbiased records overtime,it is hoped that the slight impasse witnessed few months away is near resolution, after the selection and nomination processes is concluded.


As the Ojogba,he is already conversant with the intricacies, processes and provisions to the ascension of the highly revered traditional Institution of Atah of Igala stool,with a guide from the gazzeted documents.


The Igala traditional council ITC and the entire Igala kingdom awaits the deployment of his wealth of experience to ressolve once and for all,the issues sorrounding the appointment and installation of the new Attah’ of Igala devoid of any shortcomings.


The expansion of the processes is meant to justify the decision of ITC, therefore his decisions should not fell short of expectations to the entire kingdom.

We pray that under his chairmanship,the resolution is already in sight and near,to put to rest pressures from all quarters with regards to the emergence of the new Attah’ Igala.

Long Live Igala kingdom Long Live Igala Race.

Atokolo Emmanuel Writes From Idah.

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