Prince Uche Secondus @66; A Patriotic, Nationalist, Philantrophist In Words And Actions.

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Abubakar Yusuf

The PDP National Chairman,Prince Uche Secondus clocked 66 yeara today,being Monday the beginning of a new working week in the gregorian calendar.

No wonder the workaholic main opposition Party National Chairman and River state born political enigma had deployed all his prowess,wisdom and acumen in the struggle to revert Nigeria state to the good old days.

This struggle is at the backdrop of his background and orientation garnered through a well thought out parental care and direction in the last six decades geared towards the emancipation of humanity.


Aside his background while growing up both in education and professional sphere , Prince Uche Secondus in the last two decades had contributed in quantum to the developement of mass participation and political emancipation of his community,River State and by and large the entire country.


This had demonstrated his leadership potentials spanned over the decades before his election and assumption of duty as PDP National Chairman in 2017, after the most generally acceptable National convention since the return to democracy in 1999 about 22 years away.

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Secondus soon after his election and assumption of duty proved cynics wrong and also convinced the political class that his in-depth experience in the political circle particularly the former ruling party for 16 years, between 1999-2015 and now the main opposition party was enough time navigate the PDP back to the stable position, and possibly the leadership of Nigeria as being witnessed since 2017.


Soon after he resumed in 2017 ,he deployed his wealth of experience and machinery in motion that moved the main opposition party from the precipice of political downturn and logjam to the darling of many Nigerians, after leaping from 11 state governors controlled by PDP to 16 states controlled by the Party in the 2019 general elections.


This was not devoid of mass electoral fraud and manipulations by the ruling party APC, that had earlier postponed the 2019 elections after series of debates at the National Assembly and the anxiety of defeat in the 2019 elections.

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It was glaring that the sharp practices occassioned by the control of the ruling party,with all apparatus of government led to the denial and defeat of PDP in about 10 states, and all the states that elections were conducted separately,a case study of Osun,Ekiti,Kogi,Ondo even though,Edo was no go area.


Not resting on it’s oars,the PDP under Prince Uche Secondus has embarked on a well thought out efforts to return the stolen mandate through a committee on post elections 2019, that just turned in its report.


This is in addition to the setting up of another committee to make the position of the party known, and disatisfaction with the constitutional provisions on electoral matters and the need for amedmemt before the 2023 general elections, to avoid the pitfall of the years past that led to the success of the rigged previous exercise in favour of the ruling APC.


At the Party level ,the PDP reconciliation committee,the brainchild of Prince Uche Secondus had made remarkable achievements to the conviction of ordinary Nigerians prepared to reverse the trend of economic woes,social stratification,among other crude and anti people’s policies by the present administration under APC.

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The inauguration of women lobby wing and conscientazition of youths and other formidable elements within the party, towards seamless victory in 2023 is enough to bring on board people oriented leadership in the country.


The mass awareness and general supports from ordinary Nigerians in readiness to support the PDP in 2023, is another advantage and efforts of Secondus led National leadership of PDP.


In the last three years,it had being beehive of activities and succeses already recorded by the current Chairman National Chairman Prince Uche Secondus climaxed by his new age @66.


As you inch gradually to the spetugenerian age in efforts to extricate and liberate ordinary Nigerians from the shackles of underdevelopment,we prayed for more years in good health,progress and developement of your dream for a new Nigeria.


Happy Birthday People’s Democratic Party PDP National Chairman,Prince Uche Secondus,the Prince of Andoni land in River State.


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