Kogi Assets Sales: “My Life is in Danger From One Amade Edime,Kogi Government Chief Auctioneer”, Akwu Umar Goodman Raises Alarm.

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The sole resistance to the auctioning of Kogi properties by an indigenous auctioneer to Kogi state government,Comrade Amade Edime has taking a twist, as he threatened to deal with Akwu Umar Goodman the alarmist.

A statement made available and personally signed by the whistle blower,Amade Edime promised to deal with him squarely,if he insisted on alerting the public on the surreptitious sales of Kogi assets, beginning with Kogi east.

He further alerted the public on how the properties of the state government was earmarked and be disposed as scraps,with a very low value to targeted buyers.

Akwu said with the threat to his life,he has already laid down to bare to the intended reactions of the Kogi government stooge and cronies.

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He however alerted the general public and law enforcement agencies to take note of the threat to his life by the political big wig, that doubled as Kogi auctioneer,stating his tendencies to use all means possible.

He also promised to surrender his last pint of blood to ensure the tax payers money belonging to Kogi state is not revolved among goverment cronies under the guise of auctioning as scraps.

“One Amade Edime, who is parading self as the Chief auctioneer to Kogi State Government, called me to threatens my life at about 11:12 in the morning of
Friday 27th August 2021.

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“He promised to deal with me squarely, if I raise my voice further on the sales of our common patrimony.”

“It is no longer new/news that all government property are earmarked for sale, everything that belongs to government are to be sold as scraps.”

“As tax payer and a critical stakeholder,
I shall not keep quiet and sitdown look public assets been taken over forcefully by desperate politicians.”

“What ever happened to me, Amade Edime should be hold responsible for it.
I wish to make it categorically clear, that there is no gun made by human being, that can silence the voice of the masses.
I am ready to die for the liberation of my people.”

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“I know very well that, it is the blood of freedom fighters that is used as manure to nourish the Trees of Liberty.
I know God tha I worship will continue to protect me & my family from all evil machinations, but the public should know who is after my life.
Am yours Citizen Akwu Umar Goodman.”

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