How NASC Promotes Fiscal Discipline, Transparency In Public Service.

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The National Assembly Service Commission NASC is the regulatory agency of the National Assembly management/ staffers through regular and routine policy management and implementation.


To guarantee optimum performance of the legislative arms of government with the leadership of the National Assembly and by implications the National Assembly from lawmakers,it is germane that the engine room of the agency must leave up to expectations.


An atmosphere that is devoid of flagrant disobedience to the lay down procedures will be a veritable tool to the primacy of the existence of a robust National Assembly.


It is obvious because as the custodian and the body charged not only in making laws for the country,but equally act as checks and balances to the activities of the executive arm of government.


It therefore,fell short of expectations,if anything contrary to the best practices that will assist the lawmakers both at the green and red chamber carry out their statutory obligations.

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To improve on this trend,the need to sustain the present laudable policies,rejigged and reintroduce new ones in line with the present realties is germane.


Therefore,the new commission coming under a bureacrat and seasoned adminstrator, Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE did not hid his intentions to adopt the best practices.


The developement attracted a policy thrust that will create an enabling environment for optimum performance from staffers, so as ensure a stable policies and programs of lawmakers through enactment of robust laws.


In doing this,the new commission strived to continuosly improved on the morale of it’s personel, and at the same time not succumb to any issues that is capable of retarding it’s rules and regulations, inline with the provisions of the public service.


This new practices introduced by the new management will project the good image of the commision both within and the outside world.



Staff moral is synonymous to on the job perfomance,hence with a stable morale,job satisfaction, fiscal discipline to avoid financial recklessness and sharp practices will be guaranteed.


It also relaunched the code of conduct for staffers along with high premium for staff welfare and developement to guarantee on the job satisfaction.


With the new commission,the unreliable nominal roles used by the commision prompted the idea of carrying out a wholistic staff verification and digitisation,so as to put in place a reliable data base for the commission’s staffers.


This will be enabled through a well thought out integrated personel payroll information IPPIS peculiar to the service, that will ensure transparency and accountability in the service.


The positive developement will bring to an end the unreliable nominal roles being used by the commision that is prone to all sorts of manipulations.


It will also assist to a large extent the management of the commision to manage both it’s capital and recurrent expenditures in line with the public service regulations.



In the area of planning,execution and implementation of various programs and policies introduced by the commission to ensure continuity and stability,a stable nominal role will be an indices that will ensure a reliable outcome .


The commision did not intend to regulate the workforce alone with accurate records,it also intend to go further in the course of time to put in place a reliable and introduction of a pension scheme for the service


This will be carried out in line with the conditions of service, as peculiar pension scheme of the commission is expected to be relevant to the service and statue of the commision.


With the new strides and efforts of the current leadership of the commision,no doubt,the beginning of positive developement has just begun in NASC.



Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst, Writes From Abuja.

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