Chief Abubakar Mohammed Ibrahim Idris: Celebrating An Icon’s 53rd Birthday With Many Honours.

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The new Ochada Onu’Ife and Wazirin Jakadan Sokoto, Chief Abubakar Ibrahim Idris is neither a celebrity nor intends to become one in any circumstances.

It is a well known fact that people closed to former People’s Democratic Party PDP Governorship aspirant in the 2019 election in Kogi state, had known him to be a highly reserved personae, particularly his choosen way of life by living a simple,low profile with a down to earth tendencies.

More was only heard about him and little was known for over nine years when his biological father,Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, Jakadan Sokoto governed Kogi state for unique nine years,not out of inexposure,but his choice to continue to live a quite life, that traits he had maintained in the last five decades.

Therefore,for an affluence family’s first son/child with alot of opportunities,he choose the simplest way of life and approach.

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It is also a thing of interest to see such a highly placed personalty like Ochada Onu’Ife still going about with his childhood friends and contemporaries.this is a rare among Nigeria elites.

His shot to public glare was his decision to change the ugly political narratives of Kogi state,when he keenly contested for Kogi Governor in 2019 Governorship election.

Chief Abubakar before now was honoured by a professional body among several others,as his decision to defray some of the awards was out of his preoccupation,even when he did not sought for them or rather buy them, in the behavior of ordinary Nigeria politicians.

The sudden rise and general acceptance of all classes in Kogi and Nigeria is not in his character,but had no choice than to key into the societal demands.

Just this year alone in 2021,the honor done him from both his home front and far away Sokoto caliphate is an encouragement to give back to the society, as a testament of his ways of life.

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As a man of honor and Prince of Omala kingdom,Chief Abubakar Ibrahim Idris was earlier in the year honored by the traditional class of Omala as Ochada Onu’Ife with the exclamation as ‘Tokula’ .

The honor done him was quite unique and significant, particularly as the stool of Ojogba of Ife is next to the paramount ruler of Igala kingdom,Attah Igala.

Not done with the home front,the Sultanate council after the installation of his patriarch,Alhaji Dr Ibrahim Idris as Jakadan Sokoto (Ambassador Plenipotentiary) to the caliphate also deemed him fit to be coronated as ‘Wazirin Jakadan Sokoto’ as heir to the throne as well as Chief of Staff to the new Jakadan Sokoto.

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The honor at the far away Sultanate in Sokoto was not only because he is the son of the former Govenor, but a recognition by the Sultanate over his selfless,philantrophy and humanitatian gestures among others.

This double honors is also coming at a time there is a growing clamour for his representation at the political front at higher level both at the state and national level.

In view of all these,it is a glaring sign of more good things to come if not now,but in the nearest future.

As you mark your 53rd Birthday on the surface of the earth,it is our prayers that all things walketh at his own time and in good time.

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Birthday Ochada Onu’ife and Wazirin Jakadan Sokoto Alhaji Chief Abubakar Mohammed Ibrahim Idris.

Yusuf Writes From Abuja.

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