Golden Jubilee; FHA Honors General Manager, Public Private Partnership PPP Hajara Kadiri At Award Night.

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By Abubakar Yusuf.


It was a honor for whom it was due, particularly for the General Manager in charge of Public Private Partnership PPP, Barr. Hajara Kadiri of the Federal Housing Authority, FHA at the award night.


Hajara, a lawyer by profession with certification in PPP , having served at one time or the other as General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Services before her new feat.


The gala, award and dinner night was set aside to reward dedication, hard work, and excellent performances of officers, both serving ,retired and particularly the likes of Barr. Hajara Kadiri under her stewardship partnerships had taken a new toll, growth and dimension in FHA.

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The night was witnessed by top serving, former management and board of the agency including staffs who had distinguished themselves in their choosen career and also honored.


The event which took place at the elaborate and wholly filled opening ceremony of the Golden Jubilee, was held at the same venue, the international conference centre ICC, Abuja earlier in the day.


For the legal luminary turned builder, Hajara Kadiri, the head of Public Private Partnerships PPP in FHA, the story of the current strides in the agency will not be complete, without the mentioning of her giant strides towards a robust PPP arrangements muted by the new FHA.

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Under her supervision and leadership of the Managing Director, Chief Executive officer CEO, Federal Housing Authority FHA, Senator Gbenga Ashafa alot had been achieved through PPP arrangements, that revolved the heart of the nation’s city, Abuja, Lagos and other cities in the country, including the 36 states of the country.


The success story of many PPP arrangements consumated by the Authority that was adored everywhere across the country, and had transformed the zeal of affordable housing for all, by the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


For Barr. Hajara Kadiri, it was a dream come true and fulfilment of life expectations, for holding her head high in the comity of achievers of public service recognition.

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