Governor Radda Visits World Medical Relief Headquarters in Detroit Seeks for Support.

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In continuation of his strategic engagement with international bodies, Governor Dikko Umaru Radda visited the headquarters of the World Medical Relief Inc in Detroit, Michigan today where he met with the President of the 70 year old organisation Mr George V. Samson and his team.


World Medical Relief has donated billions of dollars worth of medical supplies and equipment over its decades of operation.


Governor Radda expressed his gratitude towards the efforts of WMR in helping the needy in developing countries including Nigeria. He also welcomed their favourable response towards providing support to Katsina State under its Partnership for Health program.

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Malam Radda expressed his passion to help his people have access to high quality healthcare in the state. It is for this reason that he came all the way to seek the support of WMR.


He informed the President of the results of the healthcare needs assessment conducted by the government immediately he took office, and launched a comprehensive baseline study to help monitor interventions in healthcare in the state.


The World Medical Relief (WMR) have pledged to provide 10 containers worth of medical supplies and equipment in the first instance starting from January 2024. An average container has value of about $1 million. They have also committed to helping the state source state of the art equipment such as MRIs and CT Scans at a discount for the state. This will include installation and training for the state technicians.

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The WMR will also work with the state to carry out pacemaker surgery to the most vulnerable people in Katsina. This will help to improve cardiovascular healthcare availability for some.


The governor later toured their facilities and pledged to work with them to support the improvement of healthcare in Katsina state.

His team will continue to engage WMR and will also visit medical equipment manufacturers to ascertain the best combinations for the needs of the state.


The vision of the governor is to ensure that all wards have a functional primary healthcare facility and the state has the capability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions in the next two years.

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