Wither Nigeria? CAC – Where the supreme qualities of an honest and transparent pace setter transformed a vision into reality and made him vulnerable

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When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed”. – Ayn Rand.


Of course “Honesty pays, but it doesn’t seem to pay enough to suit some people” – K. Hubbard.


The prevailing state of affairs in our dear nation Nigeria embodies a general sense of withering and decay!

I have not been in the country for several years.


Upon my return, I decided to register a business and was ready to endure the rigors, but my lawyer informed me that nowadays, at the corporate affairs commission (CAC), it is no more conventional practice. The Registrar General (RG), by name A.G. Abubakar Esq. has completely transformed the commission. He has now made it possible for everyone to be able to register a company by themselves from anywhere in the country within 24hrs, as long as there is access to the internet. I asked if it was a joke of some kind! However, my lawyer advised me to go ahead and try myself. He further admonished me against contracting anyone or concerting with any staff at CAC to make arrangements at subjective extra charges.


I visited CAC website and got my company registered under 48hrs. I have to confess that I was genuinely perplexed with such a possibility in Nigeria. I recall the grueling and agonizing constraints my associates had to undergo to get their companies registered at an average of 3 – 6 months! From that moment, I never stopped singing the praises of that RG – A.G. Abubakar.


He rekindled my hopes and dreams that it is possible to put the country back on tracks.

Surprisingly, my lawyer called a few days ago and said, “The tenure of that RG you have been extolling at CAC has expired. He was not given a second term by the President and some staff, particularly members of the union are jubilating and spreading frivolous comments about him”. I was absolutely astounded at the news and it sparked my curiosity to acquaint myself further with state of affairs at CAC.


The first thing that struck me was to learn that the RG – A.G. Abubakar is a grandson of our late Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. When I learnt that like his distinguish grandfather, he is principled, disciplined and completely incorruptible, I gave a wry smile and thought to myself that it runs in the blood. I also learnt that he has made CAC paperless, has removed contact with staff and has made it possible for all Nigerians to register their companies online within 24hrs, without having to go through the harrowing ordeal of “cuwa – cuwa” that existed over the years in the system. I learnt about his numerous other reforms and achievements, especially how he has tackled corruption, enhanced internal processes and fostered a culture of continuous improvement.

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With his progressive mindset and strategic acumen, he has recognized the immense potential of modern technology and its transformative power. Under his guidance, CAC has undergone a profound metamorphosis, embracing a digital first approach, integrating state-of-the art technology into every aspect of its operations.


His ability to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape and direct the commission into a technologically driven future is truly meritorious and exemplary. Under his dynamic and visionary leadership, CAC has become a beacon of responsible business practices.


To achieve such incredible feat at this age in Nigeria, that person must be entirely fearless, exceptionally courageous and extremely daring! Almost inevitably, he may have to step on some toes, specifically corrupt, indolent and lethargic ones. This will certainly set him on a collision course with corrupt-minded detractors among the staff and their abettors, “for among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist”. It comes therefore, as no great surprise to see them shamelessly exposing their true colours in public after his exit; after all, “The integrity of men is measured by their conduct”. What they fail to understand is that even dull eyes can see personal vendetta and witch-hunt. Their preposterous claims, plus their desperate efforts of trying to demeaningly defame him and portray him in bad light are all acts of abject failure. Only envious lamebrains lacking in any sort of moral compass like them, will wallow in their clownish conduct.


What surprised me was how low these miscreants could stoop. No responsible union leader will steer his members into that sort of shameful and deceitful charade. If it were about equity and justice, they would obviously wait for the incoming RG to forward their cause. This is what educated and principled unions will do; ASUU easily comes to mind. Their reprehensible behavior says more about them than about him. As J.W. van Goethe puts it, “Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image”. Indeed, their conduct motivated by the fact that he has blocked their corrupt avenues of ripping off innocent Nigerians and, of course, by malicious envy gave away a hidden agenda of deep-seated ill will towards the guy. It is my belief that only the pioneering staff, industry professionals, people conversant with state of affairs at CAC and progressive members of the public will admire, applaud and appreciate him.

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I want A.G. Abubakar to remember the following:

His dedication, unwavering commitment to excellence and remarkable achievements have set him apart as a true exemplar of success.

His performance and exceptional accomplishments speak louder than any false claims being made against him by envious wretches. It is essential to bear in mind that the fabrications of these irrational individuals, hold no weight when compared to the tangible results and significant effect he has made.


He is widely recognized and admired by a strong network of objective and open-minded Nigerians who believe in his integrity, professionalism and the countless contributions he has made to CAC and its stakeholders. His positive impact cannot be diminished by malicious envy and baseless accusations.

True achievers are oftentimes a target for envy and ill-intentioned actions. They are inevitably subject to frivolous commentaries and attempts to diminish their achievements. These malicious actions not only disregard the truth, but are also driven by the insecurities of those who are unable to match their level of success and achievements.


I therefore, urge him to rise above their petty attempts to smear him. Let his continued success be the best response to their misguided activities.

I also wish A.G. Abubakar would sue those denigrators for libel because truth will never shine from a heart, which is filled with corruption and lies. Let them come forward with a single proof of their fabrications against him, otherwise, let the law take its course against them. I trust this will go a long way in checkmating similar criminals and blackmailers.


My lawyer also intimated me that apart from being upright and honest, the guy’s “other crime” as to put it, was that he did not play the demanding politics of his position. “WHATEVER THAT MEANS”! I countered that as a technocrat, his mandate should be to implement measures that will yield positive results and he has DELIVERED! In a single tenure, he has accomplished what has never been attained at CAC since its inception. He has not only revitalized an old-fashioned organization, but has set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. I found him to be the most efficient, most innovative and most productive – put simply, the best RG ever at CAC! The records are there for anyone to find out.

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From the initial bold decisions of President BAT (or as the President puts it “tough decisions”), I would think A.G. Abubakar is exactly the kind of technocrat he needs in moving the country forward. I am dismayed the President did not give a second term to such an outstanding achiever. I cannot but wonder what informed that decision. By the rumours making rounds about the influence of some local politicians from his state of Bauchi, I only hope it is not out of political spite. As remarked by F. Kemble “I never desire to know anything of the detail of political measures, lest even those which I think best should lose anything of their intrinsic value to me, by seeing what low, paltry, personal motives have helped to bring them about”. I count on the President to revisit this unprecedented instance and have a critical perspective, as he has recently rectified the case of FERMA. I am afraid that if we continue to fail in recognizing our excellent, resourceful and remarkable performers, we may not be free from our shackles in this country. A.G. Abubakar deserves recognition with National Honours.


I hope the incoming RG has the shrewd common sense to discern the frivolous comments, the shameful and deceptive act of pretense called “celebrations” and the campaign of calumny being perpetuated by the union leader and his cohorts are extension of threats and intimidation to effectuate their iniquitous wishes: “Do as we stipulate or face similar smear campaign and blackmail”.


As for the incoming RG, I believe he has very big shoes to fill! Is he going to fall prey to the propensity for absurd antics of the union and fall back to the archaic traditions of CAC? Is he going to emulate the immediate past RG in advancing the commission? On the other hand, is he going to be like our past leaders in Nigeria, that until today, have failed to follow the footprints of the greatest leader the country has seen, the right honourable gentleman, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa?


God bless A.G. Abubakar, God bless his grandfather Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, God bless CAC and God bless Nigeria.

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