Open Letter To Senator Emmanuel Bwacha: Why You Should Leave Me Alone And Face Your Many Demons Re- Taraba Truth and Facts- A Journalistic Hater and Blackmailer

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My attention was called to a statement issued by your media team against my person and brands, It seems I have constituted a terrifying and menacing pain in your neck and that of your gullible supporters.

For record purpose, again, let me restate that I hold no personal grudges against you. I have no reasons for that anyway, first as a TRUE Christian, my bible tells me to follow peace with all men, am forced to believe that you have never read that verse in your ‘big Bible’ sir.

Sir, as I told you during our last phone conversation sometimes last year, that I have nothing personal against your aspirations also. They are within your legitimate right to aspire for any office just is my legitimate right to choose where to practice journalism and do my other businesses.

Sir, are you really a peaceful person as you want people to believe? Can you kinsmen of other tribal extractions describe you as peaceful? Let me remind you that charity begins at home sir.

You have continued in your crusade of blackmailing me of things I know nothing next about. Distinguished Sir, have you forgotten how you peddled lies about me? Have you forgotten you lied to Gen TY Danjuma and many others that you never granted Taraba Truth and Fact the interview where you said ‘Governor Ishaku Betrayed You’.

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Sir, can you cite a situation where I asked you for Money under any disguise? Have you forgotten what you told some Taraba APC stakeholders about me during a meeting in Abuja?

Have you forgotten your several satanic plans to sabotaged the establishment of my Radio Station in Jalingo? Sir I can continue…. But sir, You trust in chariots and I trust in the Lord God of Host.

Sir you have bragged at several meetings on how you will chase some people out of Jalingo, I know am number three on that list, but Distinguish, why don’t you wait until you legitimately get your party’s nomination and win the mandate of the people before making such boast. Am confidently sure Tarabans will not vote for a bully who will take them backward due to his self-pride and arrogance.


· So why is Senator Bwacha on my case and what is his beef with me?

It is simply that unlike his many minions who hero-worship him, I am not awed by him to the point that I lose the ability to tell him the truth to his face. For what he gives them, most of the folks that hang around him sing his praises and lack the guts to know when to praise him if he deserves it, and to know when to point out to him when he is wrong.

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Bwacha does not only hate Taraba Truth and Facts Newspaper or myself, those close to him will tell you, he hates the TRUTH.

By my professional training, I am not enamoured on such behaviours and over the years the Senator having found it difficult to bend me to his dubious will, has grown exasperated and the only left which he has now resorted to is to seek to disparage me.

It is such a pity that a ranking Senator such as Senator Bwacha will descend so low to launch cheap shots at me in the manner he has been doing. If he feels rankled by our report on a matter of such germane import as the outcome of the last contested primaries of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Taraba state of which he played a principal role, what is expected of him is to come out with genuine facts and figures to debunk my story. Or as a last resort, he can take me to court and seek redress if he felt our report was actionable.

This is what is expected of a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But to resort to cheap shots and even veiled threats need I say is unbecoming of a lawmaker.

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Senator Bwacha should leave me well alone. He should get off my back. I know that doing harm to my person and putting me out of business is his plan. And he should know that knowing his antecedents I am not taking it lying low. As a bona fide citizen of Nigeria I have every right to reside and do business in any part of Nigeria. And the Senator should know that I have taken every precaution and prepared to go to any length legitimately to protect my person and business from harm

I have invested millions in Taraba state, pay tax and employ indigenes of this state in the process. Just as I have found Taraba good enough to live and do business so do Tarabans find other states good enough to live and do their business. And it is all in the spirit and desire to build our nation Nigeria of which Senator Bwacha as one of its leading personalities should encourage instead of discouraging it with his veiled threats.

Let Senator Bwacha go and deal with the demons he has created through his activities and let me be.

Oloye Ayodele Samuel

Publisher Taraba Truth And Facts Newspaper and CEO of Rock FM 92.3 Jalingo, First private radio station in Taraba State

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