Senate Seat: Delegates Assure Jagaba Adams Jagaba Of Votes Monday

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Delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna South Senatorial District have assured Rt Hon Jagaba Adams Jagaba of their votes ahead of the primary election taking place on Monday.

The delegates from Kachia, Kauru, Kaura and Zangon Kataf Local Governments where Jagaba visited on Monday assured him that next Monday, they will vote for him massively because he is a politician that keeps his word.
Speaking when he led his campaign team to the four local governments, the frontline contestant for the Kaduna South Senatorial seat, Jagaba Adams Jagaba, said Southern Kaduna need a strong, sound and an astute politician to be the senator adding that such a person, beyond being a Senator, must be seeing playing a role of a governor.
“If there is someone sleeping in the chamber or keeping quiet in the chamber, people will not respect your area and you won’t get anything.
“I will ensure I protect you well. If I speak, things will change. As we are now, it is like Southern Kaduna is not in the map of Nigeria,” Jagaba said, adding that the delegates should ask every contestant of his scorecard since they have all worked at the national level.

“They should bring their scorecard. What have they done before? I gave over 300 youths from Southern Kaduna jobs. I was reminded that in 2001, after they called a politician to help talk to the Nigerian Army in Zaria for about 40 Southern Kaduna youths that went for recruitment, the politician refused to respond and they called me. I went to Zaria and all the 40 youths from Southern Kaduna were recruited into the army,” Jagaba said, adding that as someone who started politics from the grassroots, having been an exco and state party secretary, they will never regret voting for him.
“I carry everyone alone and I walk with people that know the problem at the grassroots. I started poverty alleviation in Nigeria. When NTA aired my poverty alleviation programme in 1999, people from the Southern part of the country including some states in the North were calling me to tell them how I did it. Because of me, the federal government started poverty alleviation. Because of me, the State government also embraces poverty alleviation.

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“We don’t wait until during the campaign to start sharing things with people. We do it when people need it. I took over 400 bikes and shared them with people when I was not even looking for an office of the Senator.
“If you want your children, wives and relations, including you, to get jobs, ensure you vote for Jagaba. I will ensure that I work with the government to work for you apart from what I will be doing.

“We need someone that works for the people. I am the one. Ensure that no one deceives you. I am the only one picking your calls anytime any day and you all know it. I want you to know that after I did not get it last time, I worked for the party victory. Tell those who just joined the race this time around that it is Jagaba Adams Jagaba’s turn.
“If you vote for me, you will not regret it. Former chairman worked for me, when I was planning to do my empowerment programme, because it is what I always do (not until during elections), he died. But I included his name and told the wife that it is your husband that was supposed to get this motorcycle. Take it. You can sell it yourself or you give it out for business,” Jagaba said.

Jagaba also informed the delegates that while in the national assembly, he did not only speak for Kachia Kagarko alone, but that he spoke for Southern Kaduna adding that they should not vote for people who are keeping quiet.

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“I can go anywhere to speak for you, and protect you,” Jagaba said, adding that since 1999, he has been working hard to ensure that the people of Southern Kaduna keep getting federal government jobs when he was not even thinking about the Senate race.

Jagaba said if he can give over 300 federal government jobs to Southern Kaduna people as a Reps member, that was not representing them, what if he becomes the Senator?

In Zango Kataf, Jagaba Adams Jagaba said he will work hand in hand with SOKAPU to ensure that the area is lifted, adding that people must ensure that Jagaba gets the Senate ticket, adding that they will not regret it.
Jagaba said he is in the race and is confident of winning.

The Director General for the Jagaba For Senate 2023, Yusuf Katoh, said the delegates should give their votes to Jagaba.

According to Katoh, Jagaba is the man that will represent the people of Southern Kaduna in the National Assembly and protect their interest and aspirations.

Katoh said as a grassroots politician who knows people by names, appeal to the delegates to vote for Jagaba.

Katoh who said that no local government in Kaduna South that have not benefited from Jagaba, added that Jagaba has given over 300 youths from Southern Kaduna jobs.

“We have seen and benefited from Jagaba Adams Jagaba. We have youths in Gumel who are part of the over 300 people Jagaba gave jobs to.

The PDP chairman in Kachia LGA, Nuhu Bage, said everything that Jagaba said, he has done it adding that no one who worked for Jagaba has ever regretted it.

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“You must not vote for people who only deceive you during the primary election,” Katoh said.

An old man, Nuhu Aliyu, said Jagaba sponsored his son in Law School, prayed that God should uplift Jagaba Adams Jagaba and give him the Senate seat.
In Kauru LGA where all the delegates met at Geshera ward, delegates affirmed their support to Jagaba Adams Jagaba.
Obadiah Kwasam, who stood in for the chairman, said they voted for Jagaba last time adding that since he did not give up, they will still vote for him.

He said that those who do not give up will always win, adding that Jagaba’s time has come. “Jagaba will win this time by the grace of God,” he added.

Also, the PDP Chairman in Kaura LGA Donatus Shemang, urged the party delegates to go for credibility rather than Money.
Shemang said whenever Jagaba Adams Jagaba said something or made a promise, he fulfilled it and added that when Jagaba was PDP State Secretary, he was local government Secretary of the PDP.
“We know your capacity. We know what you can do and we are with you,” Shemang said.
In Zangon Kataf LGA, the chairman of the PDP, Sam Bassa, said all that Jagaba said are true adding that he did it when he was member of the house of representatives and was secretary of the state party.

“By the grace of God, you will get what’s yours. Even though we have three aspirants in this local government, what is for you in Zangon Kataf will not be denied.

“When Jagaba Adams Jagaba was State Secretary, I was local government Secretary. Jagaba should keep following the delegates and ensure they vote for him.

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