Self Service Stations; How FIRS Is Enhancing Payments For Seamless Remittance In Nigeria.

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The continuous success story of the Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRS with a view to ensuring prompt ,regular and up to date remittance of taxes and other tax elements into it’s coffers remain undaunted.

This positive development had ensured strict compliance to statutory payments both from the public, private sectors along with multinationals and sole businesses geared towards improving not only the collection of revenue generation agency, but on the long run ameliorate both social , economic and infrastructural problems that bedevilled the country.

In line with the present reality, the new FIRS management in the last two years had embarked not only on enforcement, but innovations that will guaranteed and encouraged critical stakeholders as an obligations in terms of payments and remittances.

The innovative measures among many others included the new “Tax Promax Solution” that doubled payments and remittances one month after it’s introduction in June 2021, an increment from the previous collection to a high time of 650 Billion.


The new platform simplified all processes leading to payments into the government revenue collection agency was improved on after many engagements and it’s efficacy with the major bodies and organizations.

The invention of another improved format known as “Self Service Stations” was to build on the successes recorded in the last one year by the new innovations, brought about through “Tax Promax Solution” introduced by the Executive Chairman, Mohammed Nami that had ensured regular and uninterrupted collections as at when due.

With the new format, it is expected to increase voluntary tax compliance, annual tax returns, payment of taxes, apply for when necessary, validate payments, as well as request for Tax Clearance Certificate TCC after payments, as well as other services by the customers online in FIRS offices across the country.

With this new innovations and platform, it is expected that the format will play a leading role and a major supports to tax payers that will assist towards full utilization and optimum deployment of “Tax Promax Solution.”

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Aside enhanced voluntary services from the Revenue House to customers satisfaction and attention, the ease of generating receipts of payments, credit notes and evidences of meeting the obligations as at when due will affect positively more income into the coffers of the FIRS.

As part of the technical know- how and the new format, designated officers detailed to interface regularly with customers involved in technical difficulty and other unforseen circumstances in the area of engagements and deployment of the new “Self Service Stations.”

With the new invention and simplified processes, it encourages clients and business conglomerates into taking advantage for frequent utilization and fulfilment of tax obligations inline with the current realities and best practices adopted world over.

With constant technical and technological breakthrough put in place to ensure regular payments, no doubt, other new ideas to promote tax obligations being put in place will play a leading role to mopping up and checking sharp practices, minimize human interference, forgery and other awkward moves towards the maximum performance of the new area.

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With the growing responsibility not only in financial obligations, economy and infrastructural development of the country, the task of maximizing tax collection, utilization through concerted efforts by the FIRS cannot be overemphasised.

As a major driver of the economy, provision of funds for social security and major contributor to the monthly Federal Account Allocation Committee FAAC, the major distribution organ of federal government resources to the three tiers of government, the intermittent policy of bringing on board new areas to encourage more collections will not be out of place.

No doubt, the service had promised to increase the volume of collections in 2022 beyond it’s achievements in 2021 , so as to enable it continue to meeting up it’s strides and obligations to the government as a major revenue generating organ amid competing variables and demands.

Written By ABUBAKAR YUSUF, All inquiries to

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