2023: Rev.Fr. Hyacinth Alia Consults With The People Of Jemgbagh Intermediate Extraction;Receives Blessings And Endorsement For Governorship

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A leading APC governorship aspirant in Benue State for the 2023 general elections,Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia has paid a visit to the good people of JEMGBAGH intermediate area of Benue State, comprising;Gboko,Buruku and Tarka local government areas,to specially notify and solicit for their support,goodwill and prayers over his ambition to contest and win the elections into the office of governor of Benue State,2023. It would be recalled that the people of Jechira intermediate area where Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia hails from had earlier sought for support from the maternal people of Rev. Fr. Alia from Jemgbagh intermediate area (Gboko-Mbatiav). In that visit, the Jechira people stated that they have always identified and stood with the people of Jemgbagh in moments of needs,including the political support they gave to the Jemgbagh people in producing the fourth democratically elected governor of Benue State, in the honourable capacity of His Excellency, Senator Dr. George Akume,FNIM( 1999-2007). And it is high time the Jechira people are also considered in reciprocity to their unflinching and consistent goodwill,support and solidarity to the Jemgbagh intermediate areas by supporting their preferred and accepted choice of Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia for election as the next governor of Benue State. Speakers from the Jechira axis at the meeting included;ElderJoseph Igo Yawe and Elder John Penda.

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In their responses,elders from Jemgbagh variedly spoke in affirmative to the statement of the Jechira people and acceded to the request of the Jechira people on behalf of their son,Rev. Fr. Alia.Consequently, the Elders and people of Jemgbagh promised to fully reciprocate the goodwill,understanding and cooperation they have always benefited from the people of Jechira and assured Rev. Fr. Alia of their support to win the governorship of Benue State in next year’s elections.

In his words of appreciation,Rev. Fr. Dr. Alia on behalf of the people of Jechira and his campaign team expressed profound gratitude to God,and the good people of Jemgbagh for the warm reception and audience granted them.The governorship hopeful further decried the level of misery,squalor, poverty and endemic underdevelopment in the state which cumulatively do not grant any hope for the meaningful survival of the good children of God in Benue State. Rev. Fr. Alia assured the people of Jemgbagh of his divine determination and commitment to liberate God’s people from the shackles of neglect,abandonment, sufferings and underdevelopment which the present leadership in Benue State has failed to put into consideration for the masses. Rev. Fr. Alia further stressed that God created His children to live and have value for themselves and the society. To this extent, any government and leadership that cannot provide for and guarantee human dignity is not Godly.

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Prominent Jemgbagh sons and daughters at the visit included: Elder Haa Orpin, Hon. Atsenda Ishwa,Hon. Abua Yajir,Hon. Becky Orpin,Hon. Dr. Chris Dura Aondo,Dr. Aker Kpev,Hon. Awuese Torhee,Mr. Tony Sende,Hon.Atsuku,Hon. James Tor,Hon. Chabo,Hon. Asongo Dogo,Hon. Emmanuel Ndzuul,among others.



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