Air Mrshal Senator Isaac Alfa’s Experience, His Ranking Advantage, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Air Marshal Isaac Mohammed Alfa Rtd had approached Kogi political terrain with multiple advantage, both as an experienced military officer who retired at the top echelon of the service and as a ranking senator in the last dispensation during the 8th Senate.

In all his political adventure, he had remained religiously committed to the People’s Democratic Party PDP since 1999, having contested to become kogi Governor, came second but with an outstanding performance as first entrant.

AM nicknamed by his admirers as “Air Man” shook the political landscape of Kogi state to a standstill when he contested as Kogi Governor along with the former Kogi Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris who ruled between 2003-2012.

It took alot of political wizardry, wisdom and prowess to edge out Air Marshal who came fresh from service to make in road into the political terrain in Nigeria from kogi state.

He made alot of political followership, loyalists and camp that was answerable to him more than two decades after he returned to vie for Kogi east senatorial seat, a contest he won, was denied, fought doggedly in court and returned to the Senate after he was unceremoniously removed in the early part of the 8th Senate by Senator Attai Aidoko Ali.

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Alfa whose perfomance in the Nigeria air force was still be reckoned with, made an outstanding successes through his performance from the low level up till when he became the chief of Air Staff during President Obasanjo’s regime.

Aside on the duty perfomance, his practical instincts, made him the best pilot that administered the best fighter jet during his stint.

His unbreakable records was still a reference point many years after leaving office to his successors, both in rank and file.

Having joined politics, Alfa who won the senatorial seat in 2019, was sworn in twice after a protracted legal fireworks from the lower court to the Supreme court that almost ate into the 8th Senate, after his abrupt removal.

But, within his short stint in office at the 8th Senate that was less than a year, he fought for the economic, social and political emancipation of his people of Kogi east and entire Kogi state.

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The recent classification of Kogi state as one of the oil producing states was single handedly sponsored and executed at the Senate to the executive decision by Air Marshal Senator Isaac Mohammed Alfa who respresented Kogi east in the 8th National Assembly.

He also proposed the establishment of Maritime University in Lokoja , Kogi state capital after the bill to make Kogi state an oil producing state was rejected and revisited among many other bills.

As an experienced public officer with his people’s welfare at heàrt, after been sworn in three months to the end of his tenure in 2019 between March to June 2019, he brought on board the need to declare Kogi state an oil producing states in Nigeria.

For a Senator who for less than a year made a remarkable impact on the economy of Kogi state including his constituency projects adorned all over Kogi east, it will be more advantageous to allow his return to the 10th Senate to consolidate his earlier wider plans to develop not only limited to Kogi east alone, but the entire Kogi state.

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His ranking advantage will be of great assistance not only to Kogi east, Kogi state, but the north central at large.

As a loyal party man who had remained solidly with the PDP inspite of the heydays in the party, he remained the rallying point when given the mandate to return to the Senate in 2023.

In a level playing ground, no doubt Senator Air Marshal Isaac Mohammed Alfa will win both the primary and the 2023 general elections coming up in February and March next year.

Let’s us ressolve to rally round the people’s Air Marshal/ Senator Isaac Mohammed Alfa to represent Kogi east in the next dispensation at the 10th Senate.

Written By ABUBAKAR YUSUF from Abuja.

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