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Ogugu is a community of Igala speaking people in Olamaboro local govt area Kogi state. Ogugu language is tagged as akpoto due to tone of it’s speaking.
Ogugu people consist of these lineage;
Okwatobida [Okwa] lineage.
Odu-Ogidiga [Emodu] my lineage and
Ayegba Oma-Ofo [Ofante] lineage.
With over 20 sub clan: Emoli, Emomoka, Emojo. Emonugo, Emoriko, Emogodo, Emohiowa, Emakpe, Emuja, Emamonyi, Emanega, Emokina, Emabodu, Emododa, Emakwuracha, Emonyokwu, Emogene, Emagaba, Emodida and. Emonoja And over fifty (50) villages which include Ogugu center.

The religion of Ogugu people was paganism before the coming of Christianity and other religion in 20th century, while many have embraced and convert to the new religions. The religion in Ogugu today stand at 90% Christian, 6% Muslims and 4% pagans [Estimate]

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Originally: the tradition of Ogugu came in to existence in late 16th century at Unyi-Ogugu erogwu when the progenitor of the people came and settled in the tick forest of the owls (Unyi-Ogugu) on the eastern land boundary between Kogi, Benue and Enugu state.
According to Ameh B.O.A in 1973. Odu nd Okwa who are the first to settle in the land of owls [Unyi-Ogugu] installed a shrine and constitutes a rules that ll guild it’s people against any forms of mischief.
In Ogugu they was a mysterious masquerade called “Agana Ochogwo” under the control of Anokwute in Unyi-Ogugu erokwu, the center of Ogugu traditional honour and cradles of Ogugu history.
This mysterious Agana Ochogwu is to create the stool of Onu-ochogwu at the shrine of Unyi-ogugu erogwu. This masquerade appear only on a serious occasion and ceremony like the installation of any onu Ochogwu that is properly install.

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According to my Uncles Ogwujo Suleiman Anawo and Usman Anawo. Such an Onu-ochogwu was chief Ameh Otobo who was the first Onu-ochogwu of Ogugu and Chief Ameh Igo Okwoli from Emodu and Emomoka respectfully. These were the only Onu-Ochogwu whom their installation and oath of office as well as visiting the the traditional shrine of unyi-ogugu ereogwu and have their tenure blessed by Agana Ochugwu.
The shrine and Agana Ochogwu was initially instituted by Odu-ogidiga for the protection of Onu-ochogwu who was the chief of Odu-ogidiga and representing Odu and Ogugu people in most official duties with the colonial masters. The Onu-ochogwu stool was created at the advent of a colonial masters in 17th century when Odu, Okwa and Omoka came to settle in the land of owls (Unyi-ogugu) in the 16th century years after the Unyi ogugu was founded by them. Therefore it remains dangerous and suicider according to Ogugu tradition for any Onu-ochogwu who was not properly installed to visit the shrine of Unyi-Ogugu Ereogwu where Agana Ochogwu had disappeared into. Now, in Ogugu those who become the Onu-ochogwu could assume the throne through the instruments of politics and not the original bases of installation.
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