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While electioneering is about to start , it’s imperative to appraise the personality and contributions of Hon Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims dating back to his very first political adventure and who is presently the member representing the federal constituency of Ankpa Omala and Olamaboro , a position he has held since 2019 to the glory of God and indeed to the benefit of mankind.

A critical but objective introspection into Hon Halims’s initial entry into the murky waters of politics when he contested for House of Assembly to represent Ankpa 1 constituency clearly reveals a man who has long dedicated himself to the service of humanity. Hon Halims , without much ado facilitated the employment/admission of some individuals into Kogi State College of Education Ankpa when he headed a committee on education.

We are all aware of several schools been rehabilitated courtesy his effort , even though subsequent administrations never deemed it necessary to sustain a good maintenance culture of those facilities which were hitherto in good condition.

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Hon Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims, as a member of the state assembly stood doggedly having presented a proposal to the then Governor of Kogi State, Alh Ibrahim Idris (Ibro) seeking urgent state’s intervention on the pervasive environmental challenges which was in no small measure eroding the textural nature of Ankpa town.

You are all aware that the erosion behind the late Ejeh of Ankpa’s house ,Col. Hassan Yakubu of the blessed memory which was better described as a valley got completely rehabilitated through the facilitation and dogged determination by Hon Halims who wanted the best for his people. Till today,interms of erosion control ,no assembly member after him has successfully surmounted the record. However, before his advent as assembly member, that very location constituted grave disaster to the people living within the environment as it kept deepening and widening thereby threatening the structures within. This achievement alone is testament to his burning determination to redefine leadership in such capacity.

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Furthermore, one good turn they say deserves another, as he was elected into the chambers of the Federal legislators where he is presently doing his best to ensure that effective representation as craved for by his people is brought to their door steps.

As a member of the House of Representatives, he has raised countless motions and sponsored numerous bills to the advantage of the constituents. Hon Halims, as you might have known has spearheaded the construction of drainages in some parts of the constituency among which is the one presently been undertaken in Ejinya, an environment troubled by erosion. Morseso, we are all aware of his numerous water projects across the federal constituency some of which have been completed with many more still under construction at various locations.


Hon Halims has built many blocks of classrooms in the federal constituency and many more still ongoing.

A cheerful leader who respects and appreciates his constituents irrespective of political affiliations or party differences. Halims would pick up his phone to call the least expected person just to give him hope and a sense of integration. A completely humble man who believes no individual should be disrespected or intimidated on account of this/her status as we are all God’s creations.No doubt, this is the right man we need to sustain the development he already started.

Any support geared in this direction is a step for consolidation and prosperity.

Continuity Hon Halims Crew.

Yahaya Alfa Writes

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