Kogi East, 2023; Ubolo Okpanachi; One Good Turn, Deserves Another, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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The politics of 2023 is around the corner, but history will continue to vindicate those categories of people who have used public offices to the benefits of not only their immediate communities, but the entire igala race and Kogi state at large.

It is on record both in the private sector and public office that Elder, Deacon Ubolo Okpanachi had an unbeatable track records of achievements for many years, during the good old days of leadership in Kogi state.

Elder Ubolo, who became Kogi state accountant general between 2003-2010 had an exceptional perfomance both as a private entity before joining the public service, after his appointment by the state government under former Kogi Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris.

As a chattered accountant , he assist the new administration as 2023 to stabilize, ressolve and streamline many financial commitments of the new administration after his appointment.

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On his appointment, he ensured and prioritised payment of workers salaries at the state and local government without hitches, while pensioners gratuities and pension were all paid as at when due, under the People’s Democratic Party PDP led administration.

Elder, Deacon Ubolo Okpanachi not only placed the people of Kogi east at vantage positions in the area of appointments, employments and other quasi-government activities both at the state, federal and local government levels.

He made many councillors of local government areas, local government chairmen, many state lawmakers, became a rallying point to aspirants and candidates of federal house of representatives and later the Senate .

Aside placing people in top government positions while in government as an appointee , he went ahead to create businesses , empowerment and skill development outlets across the state that opened employment opportunities to the business class.

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His unbreakable records in this regard was still adored with cynosure of business advancement not only in Kogi state, but across the country including the federal capital territory, Abuja.

These positive developement was witnessed during the ‘political appointee’ period of Elder, Deacon Ubolo Okpanachi and after even when he was not an elected representative at any level that was accountable to his constituents.

Having performed creditably well across party line as an appointee of government, it is evidenced that the likes of Elder Ubolo Okpanachi should be attracted to join the race to Kogi east Senate in the next dispensation in 2023.

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This is purely on his track records of achievements both in his community, local government, state and Kogi east in it’s entirety.

Without consideration to party affiliations and platform, Deacon Ubolo had paid a price both in economic, social and political developement of Kogi state.

It is high time we rally round him to throw in his towel to contest for Kogi east Senate under the People’s Democratic Party PDP, for a virile society.

In Elder Ubolo Okpanachi alot of potentials will be unveiled that will herald more rapid momentum towards social equilibrium in our denied society of Kogi east today.

Let’s rally round Elder, Deacon Ubolo Okpanachi as the next Senator from kogi east under PDP.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf and can be reached on yus.abubakar3@ yahoo.com.

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