Idris Commission’s Okoriko Royal Suites In Koto, Says Hospitality Attracts Development

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Former Kogi Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris has appealed to the people of Kogi state to open up the rural areas by providing hospitality outfits and employment opportunities to the rural areas.

The former Kogi Governor made this remark at kotonkarfe on Friday during the commissioning of Okoriko Royal Suites built by member representing Lokoja federal Constituency, Rt Honourable Ibrahim Shaba to attract dignataries from all walks of life to the area.

Idris who chaired the occasion said the positive developement will not only open up the area, but will attract the influx of dignataries from all walks of life to visit the tourist town of kotonkarfe.

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“Kotonkarfe is an ancient town with dual advantage, a tourist town and with close proximity to the state capital, Lokoja as visitors may decide to stop over in the town with a befitting accommodation for travellers and residents.”

He advised the political class to explore enterpreneurship, business world and other thriving areas that will not only attract profits for them, but engaged them outside politics, so as to contribute to the socio-economic development of the state.

The former Kogi Governor lauded the location of the new suite in Kotonkarfe, saying this will shift development to the rural areas, preclude rural -urban migration.


“This singular idea of bringing such edifice to our community will assist in great measure not only to create employment, but reduce to the barest minimum the saturated urban areas and cities.”

Former Kogi Governor advised the management to set up a good monitoring team, saying running an edifice like this deserve a well thought out management and leadership to attract profits and sustain the lofty ideals.

“With many decades experience in leadership of hospitality management, the only way to sustain this edifice will be good leadership qualities.” He said.

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