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The attention of Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board( NSUBEB) has been drawn to your recent online and hardcopy circulated publication of Thursday, March 10, 2022 on page 28 with the titled above.

It is not in our character to join issues with any pundit who chooses the mass media to express his opinion as guaranteed by the constition, but where such opinion is presented as fact, certainly no responsible person or organization as the case may be, will allow such lies to go uncorrected.

More particularly as a 19th century philosopher said ” To leave an error not refuted encourages academic irresponsibility. This prompt the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board to respond to above mentioned titled written by Umaru Mohammed of the Daily Trust Newspaper Abuja and correspondent Nasarawa state, published on page 28 vol.55, no 15 of Thursday, March 10, 2022. Right of reply is also a cardinal rule of journalism practice.

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The writer or the reporter started with a pedestrian composition to court the attention of the authorities and interested curious members of the public where he posited that ” Nasarawa State had 1441 public primary schools, Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board had distributed 240 set of furnitures to 13 local government and Development areas, Nasarawa State Government has approved the 2020 and 2021 action plan. The Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board, therefore challenge the reporter of Daily Trust to produce such statistics and approval.

The said statement which was caused by you and your agents to be widely circulated and published in the Daily, contains very wild, unfounded and fake allegations seeking popularity and imputation against the Board.

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The Nasarawa state Universal Basic Education Board therefore challenge Umar Muhammed of Daily Trust Newspaper Abuja to Proof evidence.

In line with the ethics and practice of journalism, its expected that Umar Muhammed should have cross check fact of the matter before rushing to published baseless, malicious, unethical and above all an article or report capable of generating tension and rancour.

The publication is not only an embarrassement to Nasarawa state Universal Basic education but also damaging the Universal Basic Education Commission and the Nasarawa state government at large.

By the report, the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board is at a lost to what Umar Muhammed of the Daily Trust Newspaper intends to achieve by his mischievous report or publication.

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In this regard, the Nasarawa state Universal Basic Education Board demands for an un- reverred apology from Umar Muhammed of the Daily Trust Newspaper Abuja and a correspondent in Nasarawa state for his misleading story/ publication within one week or it will be compelled to institute a legal action on the matter.

Gana Lawal Ahmed
Public Relations Officer.
Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board.

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