Attah Igala and the collapse of tribes in igalaland.

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His Royal Majesty, Gabaidu, the custodian heir of the Igalaland, his venerable scion of Oguche Akpa and the revered mouthpiece of the gods, Matthew Alaji Opaluwa Oguche Akpa II rising from the ancestral realm of the kingdom has announced the total collapse of all different tribes in igalaland. In his words, never again, shall the land be identified with the blistering identity of stereotypes but by the unified identity of commonality.

In his words, the royal father decreed, “Akpóto, ” Ata Idah”, ” Igala Eju- Ogba”, and the likes, must disappear from our lexicon to only Igala”.

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The pleasant implication of this fatwa is the unification that will birth forth, every igala son and daughter baked in the oven of Ayegba blood shall be seen from the prism of equal affinity, no one in the land is more blueblood than the other. Ogugu shall be referred only as location and not as a dialect neither would Ibaji be seen as a distant land but as an integral part of the kingdom.

Following the stead of Marcus Aurelius, the Attah pointedly advised thus; “Since we are now an integral part of a social system, let every act of ours contribute to the harmonization of our social lives. Any action that is not related directly or remotely to this social contract disturbs our life and destroys our unity, and the new igala civilisation connotes one thing, the indivisible bond of eternity, Ofu shall not be Igala ogba but ane Igala in Ofu.

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Welcome to the new Igala civilisation where clan, religion, dialect, politics and other interests have been collapsed into one indivisible unit. Igala anywhere is Igala, wherever you travel to, find resort in the embrace of that Igala abode – never again shall the be defined by the weak prejudice of time but by the creed of love.

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