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The legendary Bob Marley once said “money is numbers, and if it takes money to make one happy, then just like numbers have no end, the pursuit of that individual may have no end.

This explains exactly the classical political dilemma Senator Emmanuel Bwacha found himself in right now in a titanic wild goose chase that may end in heartbreak and disaster running after money and political relevance.

As predicted earlier in our first writeup before now, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, never used to opposition politics has become vulnerable, distraught and confused ever since he abandoned his juicy Deputy Senate Minority leadership position under PDP for the All Progressive Congress APC where he was promised heaven and earth in exchange for huge sums of money.

The first shocker he received was his miscalculated attempt to use the arranged opportunity of meeting President Mohammadu Buhari to tell big lies that he was General TY Danjuma’s foot soldier , but the General knowing the full import and consequence of those false statements, and having fallen victim of Senator Emmanuel Bwacha’s antics and blackmail himself before now promptly moved to Aso Rock the next day to tell President Buhari to disregard the Senators claims and that he knows nothing about his political moves. This singular mischief raised a huge question mark above the Senator’s head in Aso Rock and the personality of the Senator.

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Second shocker was the grand APC mega rally to be held in the Taraba State capital Jalingo to welcome him immediately after he decamped. After being cajoled into parting with another huge sums, the mega rally couldn’t hold because majority of the APC’s bigwigs in the state still view Senator Emmanuel Bwacha’s coming with cautious skepticism and high dose of suspicion knowing him as a very treacherous and Chameleonic character.

The backlog of historical trust deficit concerning the Senator is now coming back to hunt him as he tries to gain acceptance into the APC at the local level in his constituency so he can contest for governor. Ever since he bulldozed his way into the APC from Abuja, he has been running from pillar to posts all in the quest to penetrate the party at the local level where he ought to have started from, but to no avail.

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Clearly Senator Emmanuel Bwacha’s failure to read the handwriting on the wall that his time is up,or at least mellow down politically for now after spending a record 20 unbroken years consecutively in the political frontline may be his albatross. The battle fronts opening up against him in the coming days may be the fiercest.

Already some highly placed individuals in the state are dusting up paperworks for his recall and many other legal battles being line up by foes in his past coming back to have their own pound of flesh.

Senator Emmanuel Bwacha’s another attempt to test the political waters last weekend ended in disaster and disappointment where a certain political grouping known as ” Muri political Forum” in Kaduna ordered participants to throw away all his political souvenirs in the trash can.

The last may not have been heard yet as the Senator’s desperation is slowly building up into frustrations which may eventually lead to many more political mistakes.


The acclaimed larger than life political dexterity of the Senator is gradually being demystified and chipped into rubles as no single councilor, Chairman of local government or legislator has decamped in solidarity to meet him ever since he left the PDP.

As the odds continue to stack up against the 3 term Senator who appears to have been cornered in his own game, political wolfs and fraudsters are having a field day selling to him at premium all sorts of fake and mundane suggestions and permutations and smiling to the banks.

Last weekend , one of his close confidants revealed that the Senator is seriously considering decamping to another political party again considering the frustration he is facing in the APC. He complained to a close to the individual that some elements in the APC collected huge sums of money from him without fulfilling their promise of handing the party exclusively to him to run as promised.

Ismailla Dauda writes from Jalingo

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