Kogi East Senatorial District 2023: Aminu Abubakar Suleiman the right fit for the job.

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The last decade within the Nigerian socio-political terrain has seen the emergence of a political consciousness and re-awakening, one which is driven by the collective push and desire of the masses who form the electorate to fight all form of electoral and political inadequacies to birthing a system which is heralded by democratic minded individuals.

No doubt, institutions don’t administer themselves, they need people to do so and when we have the electorate giving power to the wrong individuals, we set ourselves on a slippery slope to damnation because progress and development in any society can only be made possible when we have political power given to the right hands.

Q.S Aminu comes from a generation of true democratic and progressive, ones who bear in them a greater consciousness to do right by the people, selfless, accountable and trustworthy.

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He stands in his generation as a man who does not see the people as a means to and end but as an end itself.

He comes with an impeccable qualities, an unblemished records with breathtaking antecedents which qualifies him on all front as a man who is of great value to his people.

Wherever his name is mentioned, what readily comes to mind are unparalleled greatness, humility, resilience, excellence and success.

He demonstrated his perchance to dare from childhood, the same character trait that has seen him succeed in everything he sets out to do, even where others have terribly failed.

More important is his love for his people, one which is inspired by his desire to see them attain a better reality, one which places him as a perfect candidate come 2023 for the position of a Senator.

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While he has made several attempts to represent Kogi State as Governor in the past, there’s no better time but now for the people to give him the mandate.

It’s high time we look beyond the veils of sentiments which has clouded our reasoning and empower ourselves to elect individuals who are the best fit for the job.

Q.S comes with waves of new ideas which will no doubt revolutionize and holistically transform the Senatorial District. He is by all description qualified for the job.

He is a devout Muslim but not an extremist, whose love and compassion for others is not limited to just people of his Faith alone.

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He comes with a difference, a positive one which must be embraced by the people of Kogi East Senatorial District who must not allow political mauraders to come and push them to making another mistake by overlooking this great opportunity for them to have purposeful leadership and transformational representation.

Aminu understands the assignment, he is well equipped to deliver, Kogi East Senatorial District have all it needs to succeed in Q.S, with him as our chosen one, we are a step closer to the promised land.

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