2O23; Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, As The Clamour Rages For Mohammed Lawal Idris Continuity, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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The unrivaled achievements of Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris, member representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency in Kogi state had been a rallying point of the quest for continuity.
The detribalized template of the federal lawmaker that gave recognition to people from all walks of life resident in the federal Constituency in the area of infrastructure, interventions, social services to the people.
Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris federal constituency regarded as the smallest in Kogi state, but larger in population and demography spread to Ajaokuta, the steel city and part of the state capital, Lokoja had encouraged for more mass participation in the quest for his return in 2023.
Provision of employment opportunities, engagements through skilled and unskilled programs had complemented the efforts of the state towards providing engagement opportunities to the teeming youths across the constituency.
Donation of items and starter packs as well as supports to school aged children across the federal Constituency had been a source encouragement to the people to maintain the political  status quo.
The willingness of people from various tribal groups with concentration in the federal Constituency from Ajaokuta the steel city to part of the state capital, Lokoja showed alot of managerial and political experience on the part of federal lawmaker for continuity.
It is on record that the return of Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris will be of greater advantage both to his constituents, Kogi and Nigeria at large.
With his exposure both at the sub national, national and international level, the wealth of experience garnered both at private and public sector, no doubt will attract more development, dividends of democracy in the highly concentrated areas of diverse creed, religion, extraction and beliefs.
The choice of the people and political future lies on the return of Rt Honourable Mohammed Lawal Idris to Ajaokuta federal Constituency in 2023.
His tendencies for seamless empowerment, charitable donations, immeasurable provision of social services, economic interventions had made the people of his constituency self reliant and sustenance.
All hands must be on deck to massively support Lawal’s laudable achievements, so as to attract more in all ramifications.
Yusuf Writes From Abuja.
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