Damisa and His Ranking Advantage, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Rt Honourable Ahmed Tijanni Damisa is the current member with a ranking status representing Okene- Ogori-magongo Federal Constituency in Kogi state, who had been in the green chamber twice in a row.

The white bearded, quite, workaholic , noiseless and unassuming federal lawmaker had been part of decision making of the lower chamber having played a prominent roles during the era of defection saga in the ruling All Progressives Congress APC build up to 2019 against the decision of the formidable leadership of the House.

Ahmed Tijanni Damisa kept the ruling party intact inspite the fragile situation of members of the lower house and threat to decimate both the future political ambition of members and juicy positions, appointment and others.

Not minding the wave and air of defection at that point in time, he stood his ground and mobilised other colleagues to remain in the ruling party APC inspite of skepticism and disloyalty from majority of the federal lawmakers in anticipation of change of leadership in Nigeria.

The eloquent federal lawmaker used the fora to not only repositioned the activities of APC members in the green chamber, but with a reassurance that it will bounce back stronger after the 2019 general elections, a situation that came to reality with majority members returning to the house as APC representatives.


The party man role at the 8th Assembly as a formidable member of the ruling APC during the crises ridden green chamber showed his coloration in National politics, as well as state and rejigged the confidence of electorates in his federal constituency that returned him in 2019 general elections without rancour.

Representing the two most exposed extraction both in education, business, leadership and ladder of service both at the state and federal level, Rt Honourable Ahmed Tijanni Damisa had navigated the volatile political waters in the last few years without scars from both the PDP, and APC, the popular political platform in Nigeria.

His continuous acceptance was dependent on his performance both at the chamber and constituency projects to the admiration of many of his constituents with his formidable and unbreakable political empire.

Damisa had been a voice to reckon with both at plenary, committee, adhoc, and oversight engagements towards disposing his statutory duties as member of the 8th and 9th Assembly, using his wealth of experience to navigate and attract not only good representation, but government presence both at the state and federal level in Okene- Ogori-magongo Federal Constituency in Kogi state.


Provision of social services, specialised services, agro and agro allied services and business , empowerment, capacity building to the betterment of his constituents had been at the front burner with the impression that empowering the people will be the only in road to not only economic emancipation, but social security and political equilibrium and development.

His interventions in health, education, infrastructure, was seamless, as the two major voting blocks had heave a sigh of relief for close to a decade over good leadership and followership in Okene- federal Constituency.

His empowerment and engagements template for the constituents knew no bound both at the federal, private and state level that gave a sense of belonging and responsibilities to his immediate political areas.

His leadership at committee level of the house had translated to bountiful harvest of human investments to the people of the federal constituency with a clear cut sharing formula without discrimination or bias.

Rt Honourable Ahmed Tijanni Damisa had introduced various intervention programs in health, education, science and technology, infrastructural developement, with training in all areas to his constituents.

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Inspite of the critical environment and terrain of his federal constituency, provision of boreholes, electricity, with renewable energy had being the top most priority so as to guarantee an egalitarian society, self sustenance and reliance.

The well thought out electioneering campaign promises and his zeal to go beyond his mandate to provide an enabling environment to both his constituents and constituency, had endeared him to the people of Okene-Ogori-magongo Federal Constituency.

This had brought about the continuous clamour for continuous representation at the federal constituency by his people in anticipation of attracting more dividends of democracy to the people of the area.

His representation has heralded a new era devoid of any leadership crises that had attracted alot of development to the Federal Constituency.

For Ahmed Tijanni Damisa, it is a promise made and fulfilled in Okene-Ogori-magongo Federal Constituency to the satisfaction of all and sundry, as 2023 will be another opportunity to prove his quality leadership by returning him back for continuous representation.

Yusuf Writes From Abuja.

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