2023; Ankpa Federal Constituency; Why Dr Ameh Erico Is Desirable Under PDP.

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As the quest to pick an exposed, experienced and generally acceptable candidate from PDP to contend with other political party’s in 2023 to represent, Ankpa, Olamaboro, Omala Federal Constituency rages, the entry. into the race by Dr Joseph Ameh Erico will be a game changer in the next political dispensation of the area .

Dr Erico had ressolved to bring his wealth of experience garnered both within and outside the shores of Nigeria both in public and wholly private conglomerates to the development of the long denied people of the constituency, particularly in the provision of basic social services and security.

A grassroot politician who does not believe in creed, religion, extraction or section of the federal Constituency you came from, he single handedly sponsored/funded some of activities of the People’s Democratic Party PDP not only in Kogi east, but the entire state when the party suddenly lost both at the federal and state level in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

This was too early for any aspirant, aspirations or contestants for political offices to rear its head, having formed government both at the federal , state level with PDP loosing gallantly in all the elections and counting it’s losses.

Dr Erico impressed on the people of Kogi state and by implications his constituency that politics is an all round event, as he bankrolled most of it’s activities at the grassroot level across the state.

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The wise decision by Dr Joseph Ameh Erico kept opposition party, PDP to continue to wax stronger in the face of any form of provocative and provocations from the ruling APC government.

His passion to liberate the denied people of Kogi state from the dividends of democracy committed into driving his opposition stance of the main opposition party towards 2019 general elections.

He sponsored all the party’s aspirants and candidates in both the ward congresses across the state and local government elections conducted by the state government by obtaining nomination forms and providing logistics for the candidates positioned to win elections, before the turn of events in Kogi state.

Not tired and discouraged by the unfortunate conduct of local government elections in Kogi state, he funded the elected PDP party chairmen across the state, to enable them compete favourably with the ruling APC government interms of mobilisation.

Dr Joseph Ameh Erico set up an empowerment, charitable and relief programs to discourage genuine party faithfuls from defecting to APC in Kogi State, at a time when party leaders abandoned the party at the state level.

Hence , his popularity became more prominent outside his senatorial district because of his indepth passion and commitement to return PDP into leadership position in Kogi state.

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Chief Erico was the first to show interest in the governance of kogi state and instituted genuine and grassroot mobilisation by touring the 21 local government areas of the state.

Undaunted and to the consternation of the people of Kogi state, apart from the early entrant into the race, he was also the first to obtain PDP Kogi Governorship nomination form at the national Secretariat Abuja in 2019, against over 12 candidates that showed interest in the governance of kogi state including a former governor of the state.

He vigorously campaigned to become kogi PDP Governorship candidate in 2019 and performed creditably well as the first entrant undeterred by the political variables.

After the galant perfomance and the emergence of the party’s candidate in Kogi, he did not only work for PDP, contributed to the election program and also headed the security outfit of party as a grounded security expert.

Erico after an impressive perfomance by the party, though, it lost the election, he remained a formidable member of the party organizing meetings ,pacifying members on the need to forge ahead by commiting his personal resources.

His decision to step down for political exigency by contesting for the forthcoming House of Representatives in Omala Federal Constituency, is the dynamics and flexible nature as well as politics of give and take and not at all costs, he had believed , practiced and preached.


The decision is a welcome development, as all hands must be on deck to pacify him not to turn down the offer on a platter of gold or change his mind.

With Dr Ameh Erico, it is going to be a political work over for PDP in Ankpa, Idah, Dekina Federal Constituency and by extension Kogi east senatorial slot.

Erico’s entrance will also galvanize and shape the politics of Kogi West and Kogi Central, as his connection, popularity, acceptability and wealth of experience will railroad the victory of PDP candidates in the two senatorial districts which by implications will return the state to PDP later in 2023.

His intention will not allow the previous order of the main opposition party , APC winning all the state assemblies in Kogi, as his political dexterity will no doubt return all the Assemblies back to PDP.

His entrance is a welcome development, let us join hands together to feature him as PDP incontrovertible candidate in 2023 for Omala Federal Constituency.

This piece is written by Centre For Good Governance and Development In Nigeria.

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