2023 ; In La’ah, Many Good Turns Deserves Another. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Senator Danjuma La’ah is representing Kaduna south in the current 9th Assembly, as chairman Senate committee on federal character.
Before then, he was also in the 8th Senate , vice chairmen, petroleum committee, downstream in 8th Senate, between 2015 and 2019 were his performance was outstanding both at the committee, plenary and constituency projects.
As a ranking Senator , Distinguish Senator Danjuma La’ah with his large resume both from public service, civil service and by extension political positions had positioned himself at the red chamber to the benefits accrued of his constituents and the entire country.
Coming from a highly educated, exposed both in business, religion, enterpreneurs, and agro buisness, Senator La’ah had alot of variables to contend with, a situation he had navigated convincingly that led to his reelection in 2019.
This was in addition to belonging to the political platform that was popular among the people of Kaduna south Senatorial district, that had been the determinant of Kaduna state politics in the area councils and voters strength.
La’ah conviction of high tech individuals and corporate bodies, led to his reelection for a second term as Senator representing the area in 2019, a decision that was rare in recent times.
The federal lawmaker delivered on his mandate with quality representation, empowerment, capacity building, acquisition, skill development to the betterment of his constituency.
He provided portable water, health care provisions, opened up rural roads, schools and other ancillary supports with high level training and retraining of his constituents in all ramifications.
La’ah provided employment opportunities and engagements both at the federal, state and the private sector, that created jobs to the teeming youths , along with numerous engagements to the political class.
These numerous opportunities he had sustained in the current Senate as chairman Senate committee on federal character, by ensuring equal provision to all Nigerians  irrespective of creed, religion, section inline with the principle of federal character.
Distinguish Senator Danjuma La’ah had been a strong advocate of unofficial employment and recruitment of Nigerians in Ministries, Departments and Agencies MDA’s through sharp practices on the engagement of Nigerians in the public service.
He had on several occasions threatened to sanctioned government establishments that perpetrated in the illegal employment, recruitment and absorption that had succeeded in dividing Nigerians, rather than uniting the country in recent times.
Senator Danjuma La’ah had embarked on aggressive visits to agencies of government with a view to normalising the growing anomaly through sectionalism, favouratism, tribalism that had grew to become a norm in our national polity.
Not distracted by the ugly developement, he had continued in his drive that ensured strict adherence to constituency projects with indepth provision of social services to his immediate constituents.
The Chairman House Committee on federal character had contributed alot to the growing insecurity in his area, with provision of security apparatus by playing complimentary roles to both the state and federal government with the loudest voice at the red chamber.
His desire to see to an end the growing insecurity occassioned by both natural and artificial phenomenon in Kaduna south, had been a great advantage to government efforts at ressolving the new trend of security threats to his senatorial district.
With communal engagement and efforts, the invention of local hunters and vigilante groups to bring to an end the current scourge of insecurity had reduced to the barest minimum the renewed challenges.
With the wisdom to continue to pilot the affairs of the Kaduna south Senatorial district, Senator Danjuma La’ah deserved another good time to continue in this trend to quell the threats to lives and properties ,and return of normalcy to the the area, in the shortest possible time.
He is time tested and trusted, and had delivered on his mandate, as his readiness to continue in that trend going forward is non- negotiable.
Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja, Is A Public Affairs Analyst.

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