2023; Day Akwa-Ibomites Endorse Senator Albert Bassey Akpan (OBA) At Lagos Reception. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

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It was a roll call of who is who in Akwa Ibom state gathered in Lagos to honor Distinguish Senator Albert Bassey Akpan, popularly known as (OBA) , Chairman Senate Committee on petroleum resources (downstream) representing Akwa- Ibom North East Senatorial district, an occasion that led to his endorsement by his people to run for the coming 2023 Governorship election in the state.

The two time Senator elected under PDP is representing North East Senatorial district of the state, stole the show when what was perceived a reception in honor of his patriotic service to his father land nay Nigeria, turned to a political gathering irrespective of creed, zone, area and political inclination in the state.

Senator Albert Bassey Akpan, a one time commissioner for finance in Akwa Ibom state became a senator in 2015 after a keenly contested election and legal fireworks, that gave him victory in the election to represent his people.

Little did they know, that the young energetic and hardworking Senator from Akwa Ibom state who just clocked 49 years recently, will be a great asset both in age and perfomance to the entire people of Akwa Ibom state.


Twice in a row, Senator Albert is heading the most sensitive committee of the Senate between 2015-2019 and 2019 till date to the betterment of his society.

According to the people of Akwa-Ibom resident in Lagos, they want to see the continuity of political developments in Lagos state replicated in Akwa Ibom state, with the the series of events from Akpan Isemin to three of his successors including Governor Udom Emmanuel whose perfomances had positioned them as Presidential materials to the country.

Impressed by his perfomances at legislative level, that led to the smooth passage of the (petroleum industry act) which struggle started at about when he became a Senator coincidentally from an oil producing state of Akwa-Ibom, showed his political dexterity, will and determination to take his state to another level.

The people of Akwa-Ibom in Lagos said from precedence, diaspora endorsement and supports always drive the indigenous politics of Akwa-Ibom state, they have decided to tip OBA, as he is popularly called as the next Governor the state.

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His major achievements from the amicable ressolution of Nigeria and Chevron unending crises to enactment of deep offshore and inland basin production sharing 2004 after more than four decades, was an indicator of their decisions to file behind him in 2023 as Akwa Ibom state Governor.

Not to talk of graduating the much talked about bill into an act, a realistic trend that will grow to a greater proportion, the social, economic, political and Infrastructural developement of the next generation of Akwa Ibom beginning from 2023.

His strides in the area of legislation, empowerment, charity, oversight and other relevant constituency activities stands him alot among many of his colleagues even from the state.

From the length and breath of the nine local government areas that formed his North East Senatorial district, with the introduction of automatic scholarships to 381 students had impacted so much on the people of the area and state in the area of education among many other interventions.

The possible job opportunities to his constituents, entire Akwa- Ibom state, Nigeria from the ressolution of PIB to PIA, Nigeria/Chevron crises, and deep offshore inland basin production sharing, the crises of unemployment bedevilling the area, state nay Nigeria at large aftermath of COVID will be reduced to the barest minimum.

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His well thought provision of empowerment outlets through capacity building, skill acquisition/ development, trainings and retrainings among many others had led to self sustenance in all ramifications in the area.

For OBA , service to humanity remained his focus as a leader with provision of boreholes, clinics and drugs,hospitals and hospital equipment and attracted international agencies through provision of social services to the people of his constituency.

All these positive traits by OBA according to Lagos residents from Akwa-Ibom state deserved commendation and elevation from the people of the area.

Therefore, in it’s ressolution in the new year reception organised to honor Distinguish Senator Albert Bassey Akpan (OBA), was a final decision to feature him as PDP candidate in the 2023 general elections in Akwa Ibom state.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf, from Abuja

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