Ms Amina J Mohammed’s Reappointment; As One Good Turn Deserves Another. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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The recent reapportionment of Ms Amina J.Mohammed as the United Nations Deputy Secretary General for a second term in office was a product of resilience, hardwork and dedication to duty towards meeting the expectations of the global agency.

Her first appointment that came in 2017, after her ministerial stint in the Ministry of Environment in Nigeria between 2015-2017, having distinguished herself in the global circle as pioneer Senior Special Assistant to the Nigeria’s President on Millennium Development Goals MDGs that was later transformed to Sustainable Developement Goals SDGs, a United Nations global interventions program.

Ms Amina during her short stint as Minister of Environment in Nigeria campaigned vigorously on climate policy and natural environment devoid of abuses and anti human actions, capable eroding access to natural resources/ phenomenon.

Her global appointment to the diplomatic circle, the fifth in it’s series as UN Deputy Secretary General geared towards promoting international best practices across the globe with Nigeria not an exception, that ensured the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Developement growth.

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As a technocrat with international exposure, repute and wealth of experience, Amina J. Mohammed during her stint in MDGs -SDGs domesticated the global expectations in Nigeria, that led to the seamless and successful transition from the earlier program to the current order geared towards providing social safety nets and security to Nigerians in line with the global template.

Her strides in the global agency in Nigeria had being a guiding principle of her immediate successor in SDGs, with an Improved robust policy to ensure all round provision of social services in conformity with the 17 goals of the SDGs that encapsulated permanent social equilibrium.

The remarkable achievements in the last four years between 2017-2021 inspite of COVID, a world ravaged global health emergency along with precarious economic recession and situations across the globe ,the UN DSG was able to navigate that ensured the policy designed in her first term programs was executed to the later, to the benefits of ordinary citizens across underdeveloped and developing countries with particular targets on African subregion.

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This was also in synergy with countries who had domesticated it’s programs with particular reference to Nigeria in tandem with the global declaration at the 70th United Nations General Assembly for all round developement.

In Nigeria, the Presidential declaration to lift 100M vulnerable Nigerians out of poverty pioneered by the SDGs under the current SSA to the President on Sustainable Developement Goals SDGs, Princes Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire was prioritised, transforming government pronouncement and policy statement into reality, through provision of various items to the vulnerable in the society.

No doubt, the newly reappointed envoy to the UN has elicited alot of positive comments from world leaders and their representatives including President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, her immediate successor in SDGs, Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, foreign envoys, community leaders, social groups and associations on her well deserved reappointment.

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Her drive to continue to pursue the UN goals in the global body remained unwavering, geared towards solving the critical problems of underdevelopment across Nations.

With her reappointment, the renewed zeal to achieve the 2020-2030 decade of action of SDGs will be non- negotiable towards the expectations of global body, with a view to mitigating every critical issues bedevilling ordinary citizens across countries.

Ms Amina J. Mohammed no doubt is already tested and trusted in the global circle, her new status of reappointment will take the global body to the promise land in the nearest future.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf.

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