How Kwarra’s Population Commission Is Driving Nigeria To Digital Era, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Without mincing words, the National Population Commission NPC under the leadership of an astute adminstrator, Hon Nasir Isa Kwarra has concluded arrangements in both material, human and technological know how to bequeath a credible population and housing census in Nigeria by the second quarter of the year (2022), an indication that management was ready to take Nigeria to digital age in line with the demands and best practices across the globe.

The forthcoming population and housing census exercise will be a sharp departure from all the previous ones, having adopted a technological driven modern equipment that will be incontrovertible away from analogue, as well as going into the exercise with a well trained manpower both in manual and machines operation, that will guarantee a generally acceptable census figure capable of bringing to an end the economic, social and infrastructural disequilibrium, as the bane of all round developement.

With Kwarra’s indepth knowledge and experience, over 99% success was already recorded having carried out extensive Enumeration Area Demarcation EAD in 774 local government areas with a technological driven templates, with greater success in the first and second Pre-test exercises as prerequisites to the main head count coming up in the year.

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The frist phase of Pre-test exercise was successfully achieved in 772 local government areas out of 774 local government councils in Nigeria with two outstanding over security concerns, as well as 148 marked local government areas across the six geopoltical zones in Nigeria attained with a well thought out program for a second round of Pre-test exercise already concluded.

With the growing insecurity across the country that detered just a negligible two local government areas from being achieved, technological approach was however adopted showing that amidst already captured security problems, NPC will go ahead to with the exercise not minding security challenges using the modest and modern technological know how was already adopted.

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This positive developement initiated by the current management under NPC has opened a new vista in not only civic activities like carrying out census and population headcount, but also in our political evolution in Nigeria.

Unperturbed by security problems bedevilling some sections of the country, NPC had vowed to achieve full and generally acceptable outcome in this year’s census exercise using the new manpower, technology and synergy with the international partners along with leadership initiatives.

The provision of high technology equipment and wherewithal was an indicator of a successful census exercise by May 2022, going by the successes recorded in the two preparatory exercises from EAD to Pre-tests activities.

With a highly spirited workforce,trained in both areas with indepth knowledge through seminars, workshops,talkshops and symposiums within and outside the shores of Nigeria, along with robust welfare packages, it will be a huge success against the backdrop of all other unforseen circumstances.

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Unlike the previous exercises, the anxiousness of Nigerians to ressolve many others adjoining issues that will lead to accurate head count in Nigeria, has being the bane of mass orientation carried out by the leadership of National Population Commission with Kwarra at the drivers seat.

With 2023 general elections around the corner next year, the success of this year’s census in 2022 will contribute to a large extent towards a generally acceptable outcome of the elections, that will nip in the bud the gimmicks of the political riggings and desperate tendencies towards political power and leadership.

Armed with the Presidential mandate and determination to achieve high success in 2023 census, the record breaking achievements by taking Nigeria to a new and generally acceptable headcount, will be an unbreakable records in the public service for a long time to come in the country.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf

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