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If the blind lead, the society fall in the ditch.
Leader is an extension of it’s people. A leaders reflects the mindset of the same people who choose them or maybe it’s the people who reflect the ideologies of it’s leaders. Anyways, with the election season in full swing, the purpose is to really get an answer from the people of Kogi East on why we constantly fall in the hands of bad leaders!.


The expectations of people here are not complex to understand. Needless to say, first what a common man in a Kingdom like ours needs is fulfilment of his basic needs like food, clothes, shelter and we even understand that our people need good jobs to fulfil such needs. Yet, common sense is very uncommon, time after time, we fail terribly and bad leaders is imposed on us, a leader who takes us deeper into the abyss, leads us back into the time and creates more hopelessness and frustration.


We can agree that the political system is an extension of our broken democracy and hardly an extension of a just and fair system. We acknowledge without any “SHAME” that the people who are imposed on us are going to push us back down, intimidate us and belittle us. We agree that the leader we are choosing or that are imposed on us will steal our food and lands, deprive us of our constituency allowances, but yet they imposed them and some voted for them with that elusive dream of development and a better life.

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What leads us here in this dark corner where we feel helpless, robbed of options without a good alternative? Is it someone else or is it us who do it to ourselves?

There is no simple answer to these questions. Still, two words stand out and scream at us, “hopelessness” and “fear”. We have had it so bad since decades that we don’t think that things can ever change which leads us to believe we can never get a good leader. If once in a blue moon we do find a good leader, we lose faith in him when he shows us our true reality. We are so scared to see the truth, it blinds us.
We are angry with our leaders. We are angry with the organisations that we trust because they lie to us. What we consider as our own deserts us. Lies on TV & Newspapers are so loud that we believe it in our mind that we are wrong.The very voice that people think that they had has abandoned them. Media abandoned the truth long ago but not we see it and we get angry because there is not much that we can do. When crime happens who looks the other way?

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It’s the one who has sold his soul, it’s the one who is scared. That very voice has deserted us and left us alone, shaken and in dark. Today, Kogi East has thousands of social medias facilitators news channels like Radio Kogi or Radio Ochaja and not one conscious enough to show the truth. Every piece of news is fragmented.

There is more money to buy the soul of people than there are people to reclaim their soul back.

For a heartbeat, we were lucky enough to get a leader who will stand for us, fight for us, cry for us but our eyes looked well.

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Fear shouldn’t consume us again and we have to start our home work by mobilizing for his cause.


Soon, we will have new leaders and the chaos of bad leadership in our kingdom will never become norm again.


We never had an option before but we got someone this time and I doubt if we could be this lucky again but right now that man who speaks the truth and that will fight on our behalf has come..

Now he is still out there and he needs our support. He needs people with dreams and ideas who can validate him, people who can lead him to where they want to get led. A place we haven’t been to in a long long time and a place that can lift us up. We obviously don’t deserve him but he is here.


What are we going to do? It’s now that we decide. Will we this time, choose the leader we need so badly or the leader that we deserve!


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