NASS; Crises Brews As CNA Splits Salary Arears Of Legislative Aides, PASAN.

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The unending salary arears crises is far from being over in the National Assembly, as the Clerk to the National Assembly CNA allegedly diverted monies appropriated for 7 months arears from June to December 2019 for payment to legislative aides and allowances of Parliamentary Staffs.

Many beneficiaries among the legislative aides got alert for only one month salary arears, while some are yet to get any in the current payment schedules.

With series of notice that cheques for salary arears of legislative aides are being paid to primary Bank by the spokesman of NASSLAF, Abdul Lauya,the reverse was the case as at press time on Friday.

Already notice of strike was already issued by PASAN to the National Assembly on the diversion of it’s arears and allowances already appropriated for into another subheadings entirely.

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The arears for both PASAN and NASSLAF was captured in the supplementary budget of 2021 due for payment before December, but CNA was not privy into taken action.

Reports said according to NASS, legislative ais employed between Jun 11 2019 at the inauguration of the 9th Assembly, and December 2019 wellre entitled to arears of six to seven months salary appropriated by the National Assembly.

Some cluster of legislative aides who does not want their names in print accussed the Clerk to the National Assembly for diversion of their entitlements of salary arears into payment of arears of PASAN members

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It took alot of confrontation for allowances of first 28 days to be paid to legislative aides leaving others like DTA, minimum wage, CONLESS and others without clear cut decision on when payment will be made to beneficiaries.

It is on record that the National Assembly preferential treatment of PASAN members against legislative aides was legendary, as aides were always treated as an appendix when issues of salaries and allowances are being mentioned

Recently, in one of it’s agitations,the management and leadership of the National Assembly deployed security agents to harrass, arrest and possibly detain dissident NASSLAF members and aides who were bent on their statutory salaries arears and allowances.

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Before now, legislative aides salaries are usually delayed till between the 5th and 10th of the following month, before payment,as the standing instructions by the CNA on payment before 29th of the month, are usually flouted by those charged with salary payment.

Legislative Aides are seen lamenting their plights without knowing the next line of action with a fragile body parading itself as NASSLAF with no official reactions.

The penchant of NASS Management not offsetting arears of salaries and allowances of legislative aides was legendary,as aides insisted that it may not be business as usual this time around.

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