Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra; An Administrator Per Excellence In National Population Commission NPC, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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‌The assumption of office of the the new Chairman of National Population Commission NPC ,Alhaji Nasir Isa Kwarra was a multiple blessing to the demoralized and despirited staffers of the agency in October,2020, as the memory of various decisions that impacted positively on the workers will continue to linger for a long time.
Few months after his resumption,the new leadership saw the need to carry along it’s proposed Presidential mandate with a highly spirited workforce,hence the need to offsets all claims of arears and other benefits as well as entitlements of workers just two months away from his ascension.
The development kicked the ground running as it coincided with the yuletide, when workers aside their entitlements was looking up to the management for other benefits,before the windfall of many years entitlements became realistic.
His motivational strides did not stopped at offsetting the arears of workers entitlements,but also made concerted efforts towards introducing a new salary scale for workers of the National Population Commission NPC, through a committee that had made recommendations to the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, National Salaries and Wages Commission, to ensure full implementation to the later.
Looking at the significant roles the staffers of NPC are engaged in and the neglect over the years,it became imperative for Kwarra’s led management to initiate myriads of welfare packages that will encourage not only optimum perfomance,but put in place a conducive environment that will yield the desired results.
Aside the introduction of welfare packages,new salary structure due for Presidential assent,Kwarra initiated major reforms through committees to drive results towards a seamless activities of the new commission.
With result oriented performance,the committee charged with carrying out the needs assessment of the commission,was also giving a mandate to put in place an enabling environment, towards achieving the presidential mandate of the forthcoming population and housing count in 2023.
The success story just few months in office with a well equiped and highly motivated workforce, prepared to deliver on the commission’s mandate led to the success of the first Pre-test census across the country of Enumeration Area Demarcation EAD exercise,a prelude to major assignment of 2023 population and housing census.
The new wave of reorientation of workforce led to completion of first pre- test exercise in 772 local government areas out of the 774 local government irrespective of security challenges across the country.
Determined not only to achieve the Presidential mandate,but put in place a reactionary and responsive workforce away from the previous order,Kwarra after one year in office also commenced the second Pre-test census across the country,a final prelude towards the main 2023 census in Nigeria.
In line with the set goals and laid down procedures, Kwarra’s led commission had broken the jinx of  over 15 years delay and stagnation of census exercise in Nigeria, that had marred development programs in all areas of our national developement,with the stage now set after the completion of the second Pre-test census exercise in the designated areas in Nigeria,signifying the readiness of the commission to go ahead with the real population and housing census next year.
With workers wealth of experience both in technology,human and material wherewithal,the dream of a new population headcount and figure in 2023 Nigeria had gone beyond imagination and theory,but practical and achievable in all ramifications.
These achievements in few months is the results of a well thought out and determined leadership under Hon Nasir Isa Kwarra at the saddle.
Abubakar Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst Writes From Abuja.

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