Baba Danjuma; Harnessing The Potentials of Alumni To Reposition Federal Polytechnic Idah, By Abubakar Yusuf.

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The ascension of Dr Baba Damjuma as the substantive Rector Federal Polytechnic Idah in the last two years was heralded with so many developmental initiatives and activities.

Aside the statutory issue of sustaining the academic standard,staff welfare, physical and infrastructural developement,the new Rector had exposed the institution to so many national and international interventions in all ramifications.

This is apart from provision of regular electricity supply to the school not minding the epileptic power supply by AEDC to the area, utilisation of renewable energy like solar system and the intention to provide more to strategic areas of the school,that had hitherto exposed the over four decades institution to all sort of vices.

The Polytechnic had also witnessed provision of portable water through boreholes as many of the broken down water outlets of the Institution was rehabilitated, completed and put to maximum use,hence reducing to the barest minimum,the frequent incidences of water problems of the Institution.


Since his assumption of duty,staff welfare has been prioritised that had avoided the frequent threats of strikes occassioned by internal wranglings,and smooth and uninterrupted academic calendar of the Institution in the last three years.

The new Rector had initiated laudable projects that will serve as good legacies in an academic environment, in addition to the many ongoing projects of Tetfund,an intervention body of the federal government including other interventions both from communities, individuals and groups who will want to impact on the ongoing success story of the over four decades institution.

Established in 1977,the modest idea of hosting a maiden national convention of Alimni after many decades of it’s establishment and existence is one of the numerous initiatives and successes recorded by the current Management under Dr Baba Danjuma.

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This is achieved from the proactiveness and foresighted actions of the current Management zeal aside on the driver’s seat of the leadership of the Institution,he was an insider that has spent all his service life in the school.

The new wave of transformations, development in our high institutions of learning is driven by the impact of the alumni of various institutions both nationally and internationally.

The moves by the current Management and Rector under Dr Baba Danjuma is a right step in the right direction, capable of unbundling development of physical and infrastructural developement along with other requirements of the polytechnic in a post COVID era, when government resources is not only dwindling,but few funds competing with large responsibility.

it will also bring under one fold,all products of the polytechnic in the last 44 years in a modern and up to date technology to enable them interface,interact, compete favourably on the need to assist in all areas of the Institution.

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This will open the polytechnic to alot of healthy competition, development,and contributions of both former students now holding forth in the public,private and self thriving businesses that may be of positive assistance to the school.

it is a thought provoking decision and action of the Rector Federal Polytechnic Idah that will go along way into harnessing not only the potential of the school,but transformed it into a world class institution.

Baba Danjuma had pioneered this all important occasion which no doubt will pave way to the reaping of the dividends of the new Initiatives.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja.

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