Acheju Salome Abu; Kogi Women Elected ,Appointees Should Bury Their Heads In Shame; Group.

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Kogi Patriotic Group KPG has floored women in Kogi state elected as vice chairmen/chairperson,councillors, council leaders,commissioners and aides of the Governor at all levels, should bury their heads in shame for celebrating the death of their own,having accepted to serve under the same government.

The group in a statement issued by it’s spokesman,Mohammed Al-nur,said aside the action been a disservice and dastardly to humanity and womenfolk,posterity will judge any woman in the present administration who offered to serve,advising them to resign forthwith.
“It is an abberation, abnormal to celebrate appointments under the present order,when a woman was roasted alive for canvassing for good governance through sane democratic practice,yet her status deemed it fit to celebrate such heartless leaders.”
“This is a cause against all Nigeria women,Kogi women,as this ugly developement may revisit all the women serving under the present administration.”
To demand for Justice, compensation,mitigate the trend,they should resign in droves and stood by the spirit of the late Salome Acheju Abu to address the unforgettable incidence, by seeking government attention or compensation,even though,not enough.”
“What happened in Kogi state in November 2019 is not only allien to world democracies,but Nigerias democracy adopted it for obvious reasons.”
“It baffled that not even a single woman had protested the day light murder of PDP woman leader,for the fact that she’s not of APC extraction,but PDP.”
“But whether it is PDP, APC, ADP, APM or any other political party,human life was involved, and for any woman not interested in going down the gruesome way of the late woman leader,should live or wait for the wrath of God.”
“They should without further delay roll out a vigorous campaign against women who are vulnerable to any form of injustice,harrassement, maltreatment and outright killing rather than celebrating an abberation.”
“Kogi women should also be reminded that the residence of late PDP woman  leader is still in bad shape,in shambles and ashes after he was burnt alive including some adjoining structures around the area.”
He described as laughable when a wife of public officers was celebrating her survival on the so called attempt on her life,they have forgotten the deliberate inhuman acts on the life of late PDP woman leader in Ochadamu.
“We call on all and sundry to support the foundation,so as to play a dual role of advancing democracy and also discourage a repeat of such inhuman developement, particularly on women and in our polity.”
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