Unlocking Enterpreneurial And Skill Developement Potentials Through SDGs. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Sustainable Developement Goals SDGs in Nigeria in it’s efforts to domesticate various facets of it’s activities had redirected attention to opening up enterpreneurial and skill development centres across the country, through the establishment of modern skill acquisition centres across the states, with many others ongoing at its appreciable level.

In line with it’s goals of mitigating qualitative education, provision of quality health care facilities through building of hospitals,electrification and opening up of rural roads to address myriads of social problems,as well as reduced to the barest minimum rural urban migration, that will nip in the bud population explosion in Nigeria.

The timely intervention and proactiveness under the leadership of Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire in SDGs was laudable coinciding with many critical variables which included the global health challenges of COVID and it’s subsequent lockdown,economic recession, and the consequences of job losses of over 20 Million and unemployment rates put at 33% across board.

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The negative postulation of the present trend which called for the urgent redirection of SDGs activities was ganered towards up scaling modest enterpreneurial activities and skill development programs/centres, so as to reduced to the barest minimum the effects of the new era.

Coming at a time and invention of the one decade of action between (2020-2030), that is capable of providing an overreaching framework on the implementation of SDGs in Nigeria, in line with it’s domestication policy.

The new model of skill development and capacity building centres had expanded beyond the shores of the vulnerable groups in the society, that included addressing poverty, unemployment rates as the basis, but to also provide a stable surge in the newly expounded Small and Medium Scale SME’s in communities and environments.

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The current wave invented after aggressive advocacy for a progressive change and reorientation is capable of addressing the all round down time, using the new template of unlocking social inequalities.

With high rates of job losses and poverty ridden not classified to the critical areas of the society alone,the new diversification and modernisation of skill development was all encompassing, with regards to both highly schooled and unschooled in the society,to address the precarious economic situation in Nigeria.

With the new template and structural developement with modest standard equipment across the states,it is expected that the fight against these multiple economic deliquencies,will no doubt reduced to the barest minimum,the effects of the current emergencies.

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With it’s new strides, SDGs will be able to expand it’s scope of skills and enterpreneurial knowledge in Nigeria, to include graduates of Nigeria universities and polytechnics taking into various skills, enterpreneurs and SME’s activities.

It will also upturn the current status of unemployment rates, enhance social security,create more engagement outlets at all levels, that will trigger multifarious economic growth in Nigeria.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf In Abuja.

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