Inna Maryam Chiroma,The Woman The Odd Favours For PDP Deputy National Chairman DNC (North), By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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Hajiya Maryam Inna Chiroma is a known politician of grassroot and national politics,combined with his administrative and technocratic wisdom.

The former minister and one time Managing Director,National Inland Waterways Authority,NIWA lokoja, is a known PDP leader not only in the north,but the entire country.

Having served this country in various capacities,her desire to contribute his quota to the developement of PDP, her political party is a right step in the right direction.

An advocate of progressive politics,Hajiya Inna Maryam Chiroma resigned from her plum job as Managing Director National Inland Waterways Authority NIWA,Lokoja in 2015,after her party that gave her the appointment lost election to APC avoid distractions.

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This singular unique decision is rare among our political leaders, gladiators and top political office holders with juicy appointment like she then was in 2015.

Six years down the line,she had concentrated in consolidating and mobilising supports to her great party the PDP, whom she believed has genuine course to develop Nigeria.

Her political clout spread across the North not only the women folk,but her ability to also mobilise men in different shades and opinion is non negotiable.

A no nonsense political juggernaut,Inna Maryam Chiroma could be likened to Queen Amina of Zaria those days,having fought to bring sanity to the political developement of Nigeria.

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It is on record that she has performed creditably well both at the political front and administration of this country, Nigeria,and her determination to continue to do more in that regard is not negotiable.

A vote to elect Hajiya Inna Maryam Chiroma in the forthcoming PDP National congress on 30/31 of October is an assurance of winning back all National Assembly Members,Senators and States back under the leadership of PDP in Nigeria.

She is already tested and trusted as her ability to reposition the party in the shortest possible time is glaring when elected.

All hands must be on deck to elect Hajiya Inna Maryam Chiroma as Deputy National Chairman DNC (North), People’s Democratic Party in the next convention.

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Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja and can be reached on

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