IBRO And His Progressive Politics.By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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It was no longer news that former Kogi Governor,Alhaji Ibrahim Idris declared his intention to run for PDP National Chairman billed for October 30/31,after alot of speculations and rumour going round in the last one year,of his patriotic intention to reposition the party.

Prior before the crises that rocked the party which led to the removal of the immediate Chairman,Prince Uche Secondus,emissaries have populated former Kogi Governor’s residence,while others came through phone calls for him to throw in the towel,but his insistence that PDP is playing a leading opposition roles and does not need distractions, showed his passion to continue to grow the party.

But, when the power that be decided otherwise,he insisted that the party they have all built for over two decades ago,must not go down at the instance of self centredness, and coming at a time with a clearer coarse of forming the leadership of the country with growing supports from all Nigerians.

Popularly know as IBRO,he ruled Kogi between 2003-2012 after he defeated an incumbent APP government of the state to win the Governorship slot to PDP,and his reign uniquely for nine years,a record yet unbroken in the democratic history of Nigeria and the North- Central.

Though,Ibrahim Idris has been a staunch financier and ardent follower of PDP since 1999,as his background support to G34 that metamorphosed to PDP was legendary.

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His reign in Kogi for consecutive nine years,was a period of blanket revolution for all round developement in both human, Infrastructural breakthrough for Kogi state,a record that is still a reference point in the anals of Kogi history for years to come.

He combined his political tolerance, consensus and concession as well as buisness acumen to transform the entire length and breath of Kogi state,without discrimination and denials.

Infact ,during his reign,he was nicknamed the father of ‘EQUITY’ in all his public speeches,a system that is now construed to the dustbin of Kogi political history,as it is glaringly impracticable in the curent dispensation, except through vainglory and propaganda.

Idris left the reign of leadership in Kogi state over 9 years ago,but joined National Executive Council NEC Member of the party at the National level,a practise rare in our current political order and politicians.

For over two decades with PDP, Idris has never contemplated leaving the PDP or jumping the gun, like his former colleagues and Governors,but on daily basis continued to invest his personal resources both at the local,state and National level.

Idris passion to see PDP grow from strength to strength is unwavering,it is only in Governor Idris you will see naked display of his religious commitement to the growth of PDP and by implications the entire country.


The progressive stance of former Kogi Governor,Alhaji Ibrahim Idris led to his quest to lead the party at the national level,provided there was a level playing ground to move the party forward,but not a do or die affair.

His strong belief in politics of concession, consensus and progress was displayed in the process of selection of PDP consensus candidate from the North -Central geo-political zone.

For him,the challenge before the North- Central states to rescue the party and by extension Nigerians yearning for good governance in 2023, as a collective task before all , irrespective of creed, religion,section and tribe, therefore North- Central must not be seen only to be at the forefront inline with the party’s decision,but playing a leading role.

The former Kogi Governor was qualified by all standards to lead the biggest party in Africa to victory in 2023 elections,and came all out to demonstrate same by the end of October this year.

But , Alhaji Ibrahim Idris has a philosophy towards politics and it’s practicability in the current dispensation,as in all contests,or political activities,a winner must emerge,either through consensus, agreement or as the case may be.

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He had the intention to contest for the party chairmanship zoned to the North- Central,but the body language of the party must strictly be adhered to, for a better party and Nigeria in 2023,so alot of sacrifices is required.

Idris has the clout,charisma, capacity and exposure to lead the party at the National level back to victory,having done it and it is on record at the sub-national level in 2003 in Kogi ,2023 would have been a walk over for PDP again at the National level.

As a strong advocate of politics of tolerance,growth and development,allowing the party’s decision to fly was sancrosanct, therefore it allowed the birds to go to roost.

The lessons from the former Governor’s decision,is that he actually practised what he preached all along in his political life and to allow peace , tranquility to reign.

IBRO has set the pace towards the sane party politics in Kogi and Nigeria by 2023,all hands must be on deck to play a generally acceptable political system devoid of rancour and crises free.

He has come,seen and conquered and still thriving in the comity of political juggernauts in Nigeria with PDP as his sole party,geared towards good leadership in Nigeria.

Long Live Alhaji Ibrahim Idris,Long Live Nigeria,Long Live Democracy.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja.

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