NASC/SASC’s Conference Communique Mulls For Constitutional Powers On 1999 Review.

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Demands For Full Operational Autonomy From States

The National Assembly Service Commission, NASC has asked the National Assembly to include both Assembly Service Commission and State Assembly Service Commissions as part of the Federal executive bodies, with the inclusion of it’s powers in the ongoing review of the 1999 constitution,so as to bring the body at par with similar commissions.

The conference made the ressolution in a Communique issued at its 8th conference held between 13th -17th September,2021 with it’s theme, “Repositioning The State Assembly Service Commission For Optimum Performance” held at Yar’adua centre in Kaduna.

The body also mandated the NASC Chairman,Engr Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE to roll out without further delay the necessary machinery through a committee to interface with the legislators on the issue.

The Communique also called on the need for uniformity and domestication of laws guiding both services both at the National and States,so as to ensure it’s services are streamlined at all levels, in line with NASC act 2014, to build strong workforce that will encourage professionalism..

The conference stressed the need for operational/financial autonomy to States Assembly Service Commission’s,saying the need for such cannot be overemphasized, in line with the spirit of speration of powers and the constitutional provisions.

States should also provide funding and conducive working environment with incentives to encourage hardwork, dilligence and loyalty among staffers.

The Communique emphasised on uniform legislative guidelines, conditions and scheme of service, appointments, promotion, discipline and others.

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There must an existence of uniform financial operation policies,to safeguard the activities of the State Assembly Service Commission’s.the Communique stated.

Efforts should be redoubled through modest training and retraining with particular emphasis on ICT and e-parliament for optimum service delivery.

State Assembly Service Commissions should take the lead through capacity building, research on parliamentary functions by taking advantage of the Nigeria Institute of Democratic Studies NILDS,as springboard for staff development.

“Consequent upon painstaking considerations of Memoranda from various States Assembly Service Commissions alongside recommendations from the various speakers on issues affecting the performance of the Assembly Service Commissions with the aim of repositioning them for Optimum Service Delivery, the Conference RESOLVED as follows:”

“that there is the need to vigorously pursue the inclusion of the National and States Assembly Service Commissions as part of the Federal Executive Bodies and also to provide for the composition and powers of the Commissions in the Nigerian 1999 Constitution in the ongoing constitutional amendments so as to bring them at par with similar Commissions.”

“To this end, the Executive Chairman of the National Assembly Service Commission was mandated to immediately set up a Committee to commence aggressive lobby on the Legislators to actualize this resolution.”

“in order to streamline operational procedures of the National and States Assembly Service Commissions so as to build excellent workforce that will provide support and expertise to the Legislators with a view to meeting the challenges of good Legislation and Democratic Governance, there is the need for uniformity in the laws establishing the National and States Assembly Service Commissions throughout the country. Accordingly, the National Assembly Service Act, 2014 was accepted as the appropriate law that State Assembly Service Commissions should take immediate steps to domesticate with the guidance and support of the National Assembly Service Commission.”


“The Conference calls on all States Governors and Speakers of the States Houses of Assembly to give full operational autonomy to States Assembly Service Commissions such that there would be clear separation of operations between the States Assembly Service Commissions and the States Civil Service commissions, where appointments of top management staff in the Legislative Services should be made from among suitably qualified officers within the Service as obtained in the National Assembly Service Commission in order to build a crop of experienced and knowledgeable staff for effective and stable Legislative Service.”

“The Conference calls on State Governors that are yet to implement the financial autonomy to States Legislatures (as guaranteed by the Nigerian 1999 Constitution) to do so by enacting the enabling laws to further strengthen the separation of powers as contained in the Constitution.”

“The Conference further calls on States to ensure appropriate funding of the States Assembly Service Commissions and provision of conducive working environments with other necessary tools to ensure efficient service delivery by the Commissions.”

“that the National and States Assembly Service Commissions should strive to bring about uniformity of Legislative Service Guidelines so as to boost administration in the Legislative Commissions and thus enhance optimal service delivery. Accordingly, the National and States Assembly Service Commissions were urged to take immediate steps to harmonize their staff Conditions of Service, Schemes of Service, Guidelines on Appointments of Legislative Aides, Guidelines on Staff Recruitments, Assessment, Promotion and Discipline, Staff Training Manual, Code of Ethics for staff and the likes.”

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“The Conference further calls for a uniform financial operational processes and Audit control systems and procedures in all the operations of the Legislative Commissions in Nigeria to ensure transparency and prudence in financial management and thus aid optimal service delivery.”

“that the National and States Assembly Service Commissions should strive to ensure training and retraining of their staff in all aspects of their duties including ICT and e-Parliament so as to enhance efficient and optimal service delivery.”

“that the National and States Assembly Service Commissions should optimize their patronage of the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) in the areas of capacity building and Research to promote and reinforce the constitutional assigned roles and functions of the parliamentary institutions
that the National Assembly Service Commission should transmit or communicate this Communique to all stakeholders.”



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