Ikonne; Repositioning NALDA Towards Food Sufficiency In Nigeria. By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

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The appointment of Paul Ikonne as Executive Secretary of National Agricultural Land Developement Authority NALDA has ushered in a major revolutionary trend in the Agricultural sector, towards the restoration of food security/ sufficiency not only in Nigeria,but neighborhood/around the continent, particularly with the designate as giant of Africa.
For Nigeria to return to the good old days,when cash crops,exportation of Agricultural products and items was the major crux of Nigeria revenue,and other of the day,the glaring needs to relive the good old order that drove the economy of Nigeria is sancrosanct.
Coming at a time when the world economies is precarious compounded by the both natural and artificial phenomenon including the global scourge of COVID in waves,the need to revive agriculture not at subsistence level, but capable of improving Nigeria’s GDP, income to mitigate the economic crises in the country.
For the current NALDA management under Paul Ikonne,the return to agriculture as the main stay of Nigeria economy, desire a rethink not only to address poverty, starvation and other accompanying economic crises,but to enhance a stable homes,economy of Nigeria and at sub national level.
To achieve this age long success through rejuvenation,the need to go back to land was the cardinal objectives of the current NALDA,hence it rolled out the drum of not only to revive agriculture as a vocation,but as an alternative revenue outlet/source for the country.
This positive developement and conjecture to return the country to the good old days of groundnut pyramid in the Northern Nigeria,and other potentials scattered around the country, led to the establishment of NALDA farms in hectares of land in the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory FCT as pilot schemes.
The ‘NALDA farms’ programs has earnestly commenced in some states of the country ,will provide a gateway not only for bumper harvest,but turned each of the 36 States of Nigeria a stable point for it’s potential farm products available in these areas.
With determination, NALDA management has demonstrated the political will to ensure the new program of acquisition of hectares of land in states is detached and devoid from the usual bureacracy and adminstrative bottlenecks, towards it’s realisation.
This moves will address food scarcity and availability of other agricultural products, and subsequently mitigate the high cost of living being witnessed in the country, particularly aftermath of COVID.
With the insistence of the present administration through high premium to agriculture, which included tax free on insecticides and other farm imputs, to nip in the bud the importation of Agricultural items, particularly rice and others into the country,the Authority’s decision was timely and germane.
With NALDA template and supports from the government,the current administration recently introduced the establishment of farm centres in each of the 109 Senatorial districts in Nigeria.
This decisions by the federal government is an endorsement of NALDA management program and decisions, as well as an encouragement that will ensured not only food security,but social security in Nigeria.
With Ikonne’s proactive decisions in NALDA,the impetus of more improved ways from the then Operation Feed The Nation,OFN program, and Green Revolution will not only be reactivated,but with modest and moderate approach towards it’s success.
Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja.
Can be reached on yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.
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