When Dr Kashim Akor, Director General, National Productivity Centre, NPC, Was Coronated As Ochala Ejeh Olamaboro.

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By Abubakar Yusuf

The road to Okpo Centre, the Headquarters of Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi state went agog on the April 3, during the conferement of a traditional title on the Director General, National Productivity Centre, NPC, Dr Kashim Akor by the Ejeh of Olamaboro, HRH Simon Ujah, as ‘Ochalla Ejeh Olamaboro.’

The coronation and beading ceremony took the centre stage as the entire Igala land that made up Kogi eastern part of the state was brought to a standstill, as life returned to the ancient town of Okpo, with dignataries that graced the occassion.

Dr Akor was honored by the Ejeh Olamaboro both as a community leader who had impacted alot on both his immediate community in Kogi east,Kogi state and Nigeria at large.

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He is one of the notable Igala personalty who had attracted so many developement in all facets to igala kindgom with contributions in so many areas to the advancement of the Igala nation.

His strides in human development,passion for the downtrodden in the state and charitable tendencies formed the crux of his conferement as the new Ochalla Ejeh Olamaboro.

Dr Akor’s contributions knew no bound both in the religious,economic,social , empowerment, capacity building,skill acquisition program to the entire communities.

With his widow’s might,he had ensured that all round employment opportunities was explored to the fullest,this in addition to attraction of so many social service activities to the immediate and extended communities.

The new Ochalla Ejeh Olamaboro who also doubled as the Director General, National Productivity Centre, NPC, in the last few years was also considered as a major breakthrough towards productive activities in both private and public sector as well as enterpreneurship developement in Nigeria.

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He facilitated the provision of water to various communities through provision of boreholes both solar and engine powered, provided transformers for electricity, including the supply of drugs to hospitals and clinics, to mitigate the health challenges in our communities through deployment of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.

As a good ambassador to Igala nation with his landmark achievements that repositioned the NPC from a productivity centre by mere nomenclature,to a centre of excellence that is now living up to expectations,and waxing stronger in its roles as productive hub of Nigeria.

It is on record that since the ascension of the new Ochalla Eje Olamaboro as the Director General, National Productivity Centre, NPC,that positive turnaround that affected the agency postively was unravelled and sustained.

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This was the attestation of the who’s who not only in Kogi state but the entire country, that honoured the all important occassion for the coronation of the Director General, National Productivity Centre, NPC, Dr Kashim Akor.

With overwhelmed elation,the newly coronated Ochalla Eje Olamaboro, Dr Chief Kashim Akor at a reception thanked dignataries,family and friends that honored his conferement,with a promise to continue to do more for continuous developement of our communities and the entire society.

Earlier,The Ejeh Olamaboro,HRH Chief Simon Ujah urged Igala sons and daughters in top positions to emulate the good virtues of the new Ochalla Ejeh Olamaboro,Dr Kashim Akor,so as to attract more developement and reduced poverty rates in our communities.

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