Happy Birthday To A Spiritual Leader,A Great Philantrophist,A Man With A Midas Touch,Alhaji Mohammed Shakur Yunusa

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Today, 9th,August,2020 in our Gregorian calendar is a great day not only in the life of the celebrant,Alhaji Mohammed Shakur Yunusa as he marked his birthday signifying another fruitul year on the surface of earth,but his wisdom in preaching both the Islamic and Christian gospel in the spirit of religious tolerance,touching lives of many others,as well extension of his magnanimous acts out to of his widow’s mite.

The significance of this year’s occasion of his birthday is the coincidence with the new isamic new year Muharram 1443H which according to Muslim clerics is a great sign of longevity to the celebrant and by extension his offshoots.

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Therefore,what is being celebrated today is not only wishing Alhaji Mohammed Shakur Yunusa another year in his life sojourn,but a celebration of selfless services to himanity.

Coming at a time when the general notion of August born are great people,doing great things in his life has become a recurring decimal with a determination to continue to do more years ahead.

His spiritual orientation and tendencies has made a great contributions to the religious developement, economic empowerment and social stratification of both his immediate community,by extension to the entire society.

The combination of spiritual orientation, philantrophic gestures and Humanitarian activities has exposed him to so many great things and great people in the society at large.

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For him extending good and well wishes to all and sundry irrespective of creed, religion and race is the best way to live a memorable life while on earth, and even with alot of reward hereafter when you are no more.

So preaching the gospel and demonstrating same has been a recurring event in the last few decades,and his desire to sustain the tempo is not negotiable.

As you mark another fruitful year on your life sojourn,we prayed fervently that no fortune or misfortune will influence you from derailing from your current status and statues.

CONGRATULATIONS,and Happy Birthday Alhaji Mohammed Shakur Yunusa,Wishing You Many More Years.

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Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja.


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