How DBN Is Promoting Women Inclusiveness To Enhance Gender Equality In Nigeria.

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Twice in a row, Developement Bank of Nigeria DBN has taking a new dimension and approach to advance the womenfolk to ensure gender equality in Nigeria.

This led to a well organised seminar to mark the International Women’s Day in 2020 build up to global medical crises of COVID in 2020,and virtual session for 2021 as a mark of a determined efforts towards women advancement.

In addition to a clear cut policy of ensuring a women centred policies and programs geared towards placing at vantage position in the promotion of MSME’s in the country.

Since women controlled the bulk of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises SME’s world over,granting special concession and opportunity to women in Nigeria is not out of place.

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Therefore,aside encouraging gender equality,women participation,the need to ensure more participation beyond the 50% template of DBN will be a corrolary to socio-economic and political developement of Nigeria.

Practically,women engaged in MSME’s activities with an appreciable percentage of over 80%,it is therefore timely for DBN as the hub of activities that could jerk economic growth and sustainability,embracing the ideals of women advancement is the prerequisite towards stability in all areas of our National life.

Inspite of it’s virtual approach,this year’s 2021 event was so colourful,educative and innovative as successful women were engaged as panelists and speakers who had distinct performances and strategic approach towards women emancipation in Nigeria.

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According to the organisers, Celebrating women no doubt is impactful, strategic as women remains the reliable builders of MSME’s world over with Nigeria not an exception.

Women participation in SME’s reduced financial constraints as they remained the rallying point as the real architects of the society.

Developement Bank of Nigeria DBN relied on the Educational,social and economic indices that is capable of producing more impactful GDP leading to financial literacy, inclusion and stability.

Since reliable statistics has showed over 1,500 to 7,000 household women participated in house hold income,it is obvious with DBN intervention and encouragement through MSME’s,more positive strides will guarantee a highly stable economy.

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DBN initiatives is quite commendable and it’s sustenance will transform both the commercial, cultural, economic and social fabrics of Women in Nigeria.

Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst Writes From Abuja

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