PDP Crises; Udeh Okoye Elected To Do A Hatchet Job From Inception,Group Accuses PDP National Youth Leader.

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Says 25 Million Naira Each Exchanged Hand Beween The Aggrieved Leaders And A Serving Governor.

Concerned PDP youths across the 36 states of Nigeria has accussed the National Youth Leader of the party,Udeh Okoye of carrying out a hatchet job he was elected to do in 2016.

A statement issued and signed on behalf of the youths in Abuja by Abdulrasheed Dambazzau accussed the former Enugu state lawmaker of fronting for other members of the party that resigned by collecting 25 Million naira each for the anti party assignment from a serving PDP Governor.

He said Udeh was known for such hatchet job during his days as a serving lawmaker in Enugu state before going bankrupt, and subsequent election into the National Working Committee NWC of PDP.

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Dambazzau who accussed udeh Okoye of anti party activities, said he was already eating from both side of his mouth before a serving Governor out of overzealousness and over ambition decided to use him to reach other members of the NWC.

Udeh Okoye who was accussed of diverting series of funds set aside for youths mobilisation and orientation both before,during and after electioneering campaigns in 2019 cannot turn around to play saint in the current dispensation.

“He has soon forgotten how he diverted and stole in the daylight millions of naira in his custody in Port Harcourt meant to mobilise youths.”

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“How I wish he will remember so much funds voted for his office to mobilise and carry along youths of the party,only for him to take his exit to Enugu for weeks and returned after squandering the official funds.”

“Udeh has soon forgotten how youths some few months ago,passed a vote of no confidence on him,and advised him to resign,having turned the National youth leaders office,into his personal assets.”

He denied the allegations of fraud and incompetence against Uche Seconds whose tenure won many states for PDP before the ruling party used the courts and intimidation to annexe them physically but not spiritually.

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“How will Secondus stopped the defection of Governor’s when the party could not do otherwise when five PDP governor’s left in 2014 during President Jonathan’s administration.”

He warned the lameduck National Youth Leader not to destabilize the PDP at this crucial time,saying this is PDP at the National level and not Enugu state.

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