Happy Birthday Day, Distinguish Senator Joshua Chibi Dariye( Kawu Mushere, Head Boy); As You Clocks Another Year.

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By Abubakar Yusuf.

Senator (Chief)Joshua Chibi Dariye,Kawu Mushere was the former Governor of Plateau State between 1999-2003,though truncated through a democratic process that led to his removal from office.

He was also a Senator that represented Plateau Central in the 8th Senate of the red chamber,consisting of Bokkos,Kanke,Kanam,Mangu and Pankshin local government areas, but was also truncated after a long legal battle between him and the federal government that boardered on his tenure as Plateau State Governor.

Born on 27th of July,Dariye spent many years both as a public servant and in a private organisation that saw him at the top echelon of these organisations before he joined politics in 1999.


Popularly known as ‘Head Boy’ from his days as Plateau state Governor,the former governor was known to be an unrepentant and magnanimous person that commands followership both in and out goverrment, even now, that he is currently out of public glare.

It is only in Senator Dariye while in Plateau Government House that you saw heads of visitors lined up from day and night to seek his audience and assistance.

Even when his tenure was abruptly terminated as Plateau State Governor,he became a rallying point and his house was turned to political Mecca for all manner of politicians and political office seekers not only in the state, but Nigeria large.

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Senator Dariye will not distinguish when in government and out of government,so also when he enjoyed his freedom and while out of public view.

In several familiarosation visit to Kuje to see to the welfare of the former Governor ,you will see a normal life in both the former Govenor and his visitors ,as people trouped in and out of Kuje to wish him well and also drop words of encouragement.

The Senator of the 8th Senate who was a victim of high level politics in Nigeria was unperturbed by his current trauma, as he goes all round with his extra curricular activities,except routine check up that intermittently took him to the Hospital.

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While out of circulation,Senator Joshua Chibi Dariye celebrated his 2021 birthday on a low key with fanfare to mark the occassion.

Dariye who is one of the movers and shakers in the politics of Plateau state and Nigeria at large remained a rallying point to the political developement of Nigeria.

As you mark additional year in your life sojourn,Nigerians ,the political class and well meaning people prayed for your release from incarceration to rejoin your kiths and kins and the Political family.

CONGRATULATIONS Your Excellency, Distinguish Senator Joshua Chibi Dariye (Kawu Mushere).

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Lokoja.

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