N-Power,Batch A,B Differs On Exit Date, Threatens Total Show Down Over Disparity

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Beneficiaries of the National Social Investment Programs other wise known as N-SIP, under the N-Power has disagreed with it’s handlers over the disengagement date of June for Batch A, and July for Batch B ,on the grounds of disparity of timing.


The beneficiaries says it will amount to policy somersaults to disengage the current N-Powet enrollees without recourse to the engagement program of providing a soft landing for the current batches.


The program according to the beneficiaries ran differently with Batch A which started from 2016,and Batch B in 2018,stating that the last batch will be shortchange by two consecutive years if exited in July this year.

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They urged the Ministry of Humanitatian Services to under normal circumstances allow the Batch B exit period to 2022, like their counterparts that were enrolled in 2016 till date.

‘It is fraudulent that the second batch known as Batch B had not access the starter pack doled put to the Batch A when they were engaged,with no detail explanation about it,saying it amount to generating needless crises to deny them both financial benefits along with equipment ‘

They appeal to President Buhari to look into the issue of N-Power beneficiaries,and bring the matter to a solution once and for all, by providing job opportunities in the public and organised private sector.

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The beneficiaries warned on the plans to disengage both batches as the first 500,000 Batch A beneficiaries would have spent more years, than Batch B,a clear inconsistency of goverment policies.

They said goverrment should rather prepare beneficiaries mind to peg the program to four years on the condition of preparing them for easy exit.

‘It will be a great disservice and undoing on the part of government to run the same National program at pararel form,capable of creating uneasy calm in the system.’

Previous PostCitizens Rights Watch(CRW) Lauds Sadiya -Farouk Over Social Investment Programs(SIP),Palliatives,Others Commends President Buhari For Convening Robust Social Safety Nets Citizens Rights Watch(CRW),a human rights activist has praised the new Minister of Humanitatian Affairs, Disaster Management and social developement,Hajiya Sadiya Umar-Fsrouk on the transparent handling of social investment programs of the federal government and COVID-19 Palliatives across the country. The Human rights watch in a press statement also commended Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari for his genuine idea to exterminate poverty from the vulnerable in the society, through provision of basic social amenities. According to the body,the confidence repose on the Minister was responsible for the demanding assignment/portfolio to assist in managing the critical sector of both Nigerian economy and social services . The Rights Watch says it is encourage by the synergy between the former handlers of N-SIP and the substantive Minister for the smooth handing over and taking over the programs,as well as proper handling of the onerous exercise. 'In 2019, as part of efforts to deepen and entrench the culture of social security safety net, the President created the federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. This idea was to ensure that the government’s social intervention programs are institutionalized , moved away from ad-hoc arrangements and reconfigured to better defined operations, accountability and due process.' The management of the palliatives program during the COVID-19 pandemic was a good omen and zeal of accountability and transparent leadership, displayed by the Minister and her team,which contributed in no small measure to nip in the bud the spread of the disease.. 'Hajia Sadia assumed this very important role and was instantly faced with the world’s most disastrous pandemic in recent times. However, her competence, skills and knowledge immediately reflected as she garnered efforts to directly reach out to the poorest in the society. Safe for her tenacity and well detailed approach, Nigeria would have probably recorded twice the number of death of COVID-19 pandemic as a result of hunger.' They emboldened the Minister not to relent in her efforts to bring on board some laudable innovation especially to the new Ministry,and particularly the digitization of Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT),which pilot scheme is already on in six states out of 36 states and FCT, to reinvigorate transparency and accountability. 'In the last few months that she has been saddled with the leadership of this very critical Ministry, she has had to review some of the process to ensure accountability and better delivery of these services to and for the people. We note in particular her plans to digitalize the payment register for the Conditional Cash Transfer program (CCT), we consider this a welcome development that will surely help improve transparency in the process. The program we understand is to be piloted in 6 states of the federation. We encourage the Minister to speed up the process and ensure a quick deployment of the digitalized system across the 36 states of the Federation and FCT.' The body salute the courage of the Minister for insisting on quality leadership, particularly during the nationwide distribution of palliatives,her efforts to reach out the needy and the vulnerable in the society. 'The Citizens Rights Watch (CRW) lauds the current efforts of the Honorable Minister Sadiya Farouq for the positive changes she is bringing onboard at the new Ministry. Most especially we want to commend her for the quality leadership she has shown during the distribution of palliatives nationwide. We understand the enormity of this task and therefore commend her office for the far reaching distribution of palliatives to the poor and downtrodden during this COVID-19 pandemic period. Her passion to reach the poorest amongst us with the needed palliatives aligns with the agenda of the President to tackle extreme poverty and provides a safety net for the most vulnerable in the society.' CRW however raises alarm of sharp practices in some states out of the 21 states visited,saying their is need to nip in the bud such unholy acts of diversion, corruption and other criminal activities of some state officials, capable of reverting the laudable objectives of the present adminstration, to the catalyst that led to the failure of such programs in the previous adminstration. 'CRW, while commending the Minister for a great job done so far, will also appeal to the Minister to also focus more effort into looking into the distribution of palliates in some states of the Federation where there have been complain of short changing or diversion by State Officials.' On the whole,according to the human rights watch,they said the intervention of the government is getting the desired results reaching the high profile vulnerable in the Society,saying it is a good omen that will relive human dignity. 'From our survey it is obvious that the intervention of Government is now getting to the desired recipients, which is the poorest of the poor amongst us. This is a positive development for human dignity and sanctity of life in our country'

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