HSB,Hobeei Initiative Advance Novel Ideals, On Poverty Eradication ,Humanitatian Services, Excites Nigerians

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By Abubakar Yusuf.

The collaboration between Hajia Salamatu Baiwa Foundation (HSB), and Hobeei initiative to better the lots of people by improving their well being and extrication of poverty, in a modest and model innovations,through sane distribution of personal properties and house hold items to the generalty of the people, so as to improve humanity.


This moves is in addition to many efforts both within and outside the shores of Nigeria by both conglomerates, is geared towards the betterment and improvement of standard of living of the ordinary massess.


The two people oriented groups, HSB/Hobeei initiative are two different concepts,but had a point of convergence in it’s modus operandi,with a target to improve on the societal innuedoes.


The former had engaged in life touching program communally and in urban hemispheres,as well as around the globe,while the later that emanated from the offspring was contrived in line with the global best practices, to maintain a comfortable status for the vulnerable in the society, not only in Nigeria and African continent ,but across the globe.

It is on record world over,before the influx of COVID-19 pandemic,Hobeei initiative had already garnered fame in international contest, having won a world class global competition in conjunction with SDGs,emerged as one of the front runners in a keenly contested platfrom in far away Australia/Forbes.

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It is laready in the public domain that SDGs is a UN funded empowerment outlets both in the provision of social services,provision of infrastructure,and economic emancipation, with particular focus on wholly rural communities and the less priviledge in the society.

So the mere collaboration between the two seamless bodies whose former exploits for decades had grown from communal emancipation to engagement in gainfull employement,scholarships, empowerment,charity,skill development and capacity building across the country.


It’s decision to adopt the newly and unexploited areas of human endevours, through dolling out of both personal and house hold items, was transparent and explicit in it’s forms and mode,having done enough to both friends,well wishers and immediate family members,by providing a platform for all and sundry to access from all walks of life, tangible equipment that will improve social stability,economic advancement and human emancipation.


This modest action was carried out by the two world recognised bodeis at a critical time, when Nigerians and the globe are gradually getting over the stressful lockdown period, out of the global desire of the effects of world hit pandemic of COVID-19,that had paralysed both the social, economic and other spheres of human life to almost standstill,demanding redress.

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The exercise excites many Nigerians across the stratas,as it is on record that many affluence,public figure and well to do in the society, had not develop such a wiser template, to reach out to the massess in their quest to dole out not worn out or absolete properties and house hold equipment,but design to touch lives of the people in all forms and shapes, aside financial engagement and assistance.


HSB/Hobeei initiative is a an offshoot/ body of the APC National Woman Leader,Hajia Salamatu Baiwa Umar-Eluma and her daughter,Amaka is the group head of Hobeei initiative,whose sole efforts is to promote the betterment of ordinary Nigerians within and across the globe,a feat that had graduated to a generational gesture to better the lots of it’s citizens.


The Pathfinder of this new feat and modest way of reaching out the needy,a departure from the previous order of dolling out scraps and rags,had in view of this developement,had set a track records of deep passion for the denied and the unattended to in the society, by and large across lenght and breadth of our Communities.

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No doubt,this novel and noble ideals is expected to metamorphose and attract other well meaning Nigerians, both within and the diaspora to embrace such laudable programs, as another avenue to improve the lots of the economically bankrupt in the Society.

It is commendable on their part,as it will also encourage even the beneficiaries and others to adopt such humanitatian gesture, trickle down all strata that will discourage wastage, as well as encourage selfless and community service.


The track HSB/Hobeei initiative had set in place will also be a veritable tool that will improve the social, economic and human development, irrespective of creed, position,ladder and disposition.


One good turn deserves another,with this developement,well meaning Nigerians will not doubt key into such magnanimous template, to improve the well being of the society.

Abubakar Yusuf is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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