PDP Primaries; Wada Vs Abubakar Ibrahim Knows Fate At The Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court will on tuesday determine the real candidate of PDP in the last September primaries held in Kogi state.

The Governorship primaries was disrupted in the middle of sorting out the votes of various aspirants that participated in the election,after the heavy down pour on the day of the exercise.

Sorting and counting was already in progress when the venue of the election was ambushed by unknown gun men, that left the massess in the venue scamper for safety,living the exercise completely disrupted.

The exercise was inconclusive as a result of the incidence,only for the party to go ahead and announce Engineer Musa Wada as the party’s candidate.

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Piqued by the sudden decision of the party,even after about six hundred votes was brought in by Engineer Musa Wada’s camp,Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim,frontline aspirant petition the party’s NWC and NEC to no avail,and decided to seek redress in court.

The Lokoja High court declared in it’s judgement that PDP had no candidate for the last November 16 Kogi election .

This is far from the pleading of Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim,that went to court and seek to be declared winner on the premise of the removal of the ghost votes of 600.

He appealed against the judgement to the Court of Appeal that gave an non declaratory judgement on the legal impasee in Kogi PDP.


The decision also led to his appeal to the Apex court to put to rest the lingering candidacy of PDP, that mared it’s chances of winning the last November 16 Kogi Governorship election.

Abubakar Ibrahim was coarsing to victory before the deliberate disruption and appearance of 600 ghost votes, from a private residence that was accepted by the electoral committee in Kogi, led by Governor Ahmed Fintiri of Adamawa State .

The Supreme Court as the highest court of the land had determined similar cases in a pre-election matter for all elective positions in Nigeria,as often times,it cede victory to the aggrieved whose position was clear on presentation.

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The dicey situation of Kogi PDP Governorship primary,preclude the Court of Appeal to issue a non declaratory judgement that was celebrated in the media by the Engineer Musa Wada’s camp as being declared/affirmed PDP candidate.

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